Witches and Ghosts…

(…seems an appropriate enough blog title, with Halloween right around the corner!)

First, there are witches…

Last week it finally happened, after months of preparation for the costume, FX planning, character study and german translations, the ‘Stitch Witch’ came to life! William Wall of Metro City Films is the mastermind behind the full length fantasy/adventure feature ‘The Immortal Edward Lumley‘ and I can’t wait to show you more very soon. The movie is in the homestretch and from what I’ve seen, it’s gonna be ah..maze…ing!!!

In the meantime I CAN show you a few pics from the preparation and makeup session (which was about 2-3 hours). William was also so kind to provide me with the first still shot from my scene.

Not knowing how my skin would react to rigid collodion, we first tested it out on my forearm, before putting it on my face. So far so good!

Almost done with the makeup and FX (by the amazing Francia Sears Cohen). Ain’t I purdy?


I had so much fun playing this role and I believe (hope) you’ll get a kick out of it too! All I can say, without giving away anything, is…she has some..um.. personality issues; and I think it’s no wonder she spends a lot of time alone, heh.


The witching hour is here! Still shot from ‘The Immortal Edward Lumley’.

I will keep you posted about the progress. As soon as there is a new teaser or trailer available, hopefully within the next month, I will post it in a new blog!


….and then there are ghosts:

I’m also very excited to announce that I’ve been cast as paranormal investigator Marina Hoffman in the horror feature ‘Ghostline‘, by Dean Whitney (dir. of ‘The Body Bag‘). As part of the preparation and research for my character, I will be tagging along a real ‘ghost hunt’ with ‘The San Diego Ghost Hunters’… *gulp* I’m stoked and terrified at the same time!

Make sure you ‘Like’ the Facebook page for ‘Ghostline’ here to get updates and find out about contests & prizes! You can also follow on Twitter under @GhostlineMovie.

The movie is currently in pre-production and filming is scheduled to start in the spring of 2013.


I love Halloween season.

Being in film projects that are genre-related only adds the cherry on top! Have a creepy, crawly HALLOWEEN everybody!

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