May I…

…toot my horn a little? Since I don’t have hordes of fans (yet) to do it for me, I’ll just have to promote myself, knowwhaddimean? I’m sure once people make money off of me, that’ll change…at least I hope so!

Oh, did bitter Pia just slip out? Ohhh, or is it self doubt rearing its ugly head again?

But really, I SHOULD pat myself on the shoulder a little! Since this is a first for me, here it goes:

This is the first time that I have one project – a short film I wrote, directed and acted in, “Things We Dig” – in film festivals…

…another project – a screenplay I wrote, “Parcopresis” – in screenwriting competitions, mostly during film festivals…

…AND a third project – a short film I wrote, will direct and act in (universe willing..!) ‘The Test‘ – in pre-production and about to be filmed!

Talk about feeling just a teensy bit productive!

But you know me…never satisfied and never resting long on my laurels. It still irks me that my “painting phase” hasn’t come back yet since the pandemic hit. Le Sigh.

So, for those who give a damn, here’s the latest roundup and info on previously mentioned projects:

I just found out that my horror short script “Parcopresis” has been selected as a Screenplay Finalist for the Die Laughing Film Festival, which runs from May 28-29,2021 in Hollywood. Details are still being worked out. This one seems to be having a really good run right now! I actually had to fill out my profile on Coverfly (it’s a writer’s thing I wasn’t aware of until recently). So, Yay! Somebody wanna produce it? I can’t share the whole thing here, but this is the logline: When a quick trip to the restroom turns into your worst nightmare.”

THAT should give you an idea, haha!

Film Festival news for ‘Things We Dig’:

We just got selected for the End of Days Film Festival in Orlando, Florida. No screenings for this one due to the ongoing pandemic, but we are a Finalist for an award…I just don’t know yet which one! Official award winners will be announced via their Facebook page on May 15th, 2021. Crossing fingers!

The Night Terrors Film Festival in Denmark has been postponed a few times due to Covid19, but so far, it seems to still be on for May 13th (Aarhus) and May 14th (Copenhagen) with in-person screenings. Again, fingers crossed! The line up for their film selection is here. This will be our Denmark Premiere!

Update 5/6/2021: Just got the news the festival is happening as planned on May 13th and 14th – in person! Woohoo!

I’m not gonna say much about ‘The Test‘ because I’m superstitious and learned my lesson talking about my last project before we filmed it! So, in the meantime, you can ‘like’ its Facebook page, which will probably be the only social media source beside my blog. Hopefuly more updates with great news soon! Again, fingers friggin’ crossed!!!

Ok, that’s it for the latest news for this so far very exciting Spring/early Summer 2021! Cheers!

Immortaly yours,

Pia de los Muertos

Bats in Austin!

Get ready, vamps! We have the info for our next film festival appearance!

Things We Dig will be screening at the Austin After Dark Film Festival on May 14th! It will be our Texas premiere!

Check here for the line-up, location, times and tickets!

I also found out that we were nominated for Best Dark Comedy Film and Best Director!

Digging (pun totally intented) the comments from judging coordinator Caleb Wells: This film has phenomenal production design and a laugh out loud script! The film is shot incredibly well and is also edited and paced perfectly.”

Kudos again to our production designer Elsa Mickelsen, DP Peter Mickelsen, our editing wizard Peter Stoll! And of course, being the writer and director, this is music to my ears!

March Roundup

Hey everybody, how is your 2021 going so far?

Here’s quick update on upcoming screenings for Things We Dig:

Unfortunately, our Denmark Premiere will be delayed again due to the pandemic. Last I heard, Night Terrors Film Festival still plans to have their event, but the April dates are out. I’ll post new screening info as soon as it is available.

Some great news, though!

I am so very happy to announce that ‘Things We Dig’ has been selected to screen at the Austin After Dark Film Festival! This will be a drive-in event taking place May 14-16th! Tickets are not on sale yet, but they will update their webpage soon. You can also check them out on FB for the line-up.

Who’s ready for a roadtrip? We can’t wait!!! Congratulations again, cast and crew! #teamdiggers

A few weeks ago, I was interviewed by Emilie Black of Cinema Crazed in honor of ‘Women in Horror Month‘. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to chat about my passions!

You can read the interview here:

That’s all for today! More exciting news soon re: ‘The Test‘.

Stay healthy, stay sane!