German Currents Film Festival 6.0

Last weekend was my 6th year volunteering for the German Currents Film Festival in San Diego. As usual, lots of fun and people, great films, good food and drink were had!

pianathistThe quiet before the storm! Opening night was at the National History Museum in beautiful Balboa Park, San Diego.

volunteer2.jpgSome of us have been volunteers since the film festival’s inception – including myself :)


I took the crowd/mingling and celebrity Q/A photos which you can see on the festival FB page here.

wolfgangbeckerpiaOne of my favorite moments was meeting director Wolfgang Becker of ‘Good Bye Lenin’ fame. He did a Q/A after the screening of his latest movie ‘Me and Kaminski’.

volunteer3.jpgThat’s it for the quick pics – until next year! Tschüss!




48hr Madness

Yup, did it again…participated in the San Diego 48hr Film Project 2016. WHY??? Because #TeamBadMF asked me and you don’t say NO to them, haha! Feeling honored to be part of the team again after the fantastic success of their entry from last year! (you can refresh your memory via my blog entry about ‘Crowd Sorcery’ from 2015)


The genre we drew was ‘sports’ so I give you three guesses which one we’re featuring in ‘The NBL’…

We’re in Group B and the screening will be Tuesday, September 6th at 9pm. Oh yes, hilarity will ensue, guaranteed! You can still get tickets here.

I plan on updating this blog after the screening with pics and hopefully winning announcements!

See ya on the red carpet!

teambadmfPart of #teamBadMF at the first screening

48hr2016dagmarBTS of ‘The NBL’ – the ‘Germans’!

UPDATE September 16th:

We won 1st place Audience Choice at the first screening round and eventually ‘The NBL’ made it to the “Best of 48”! Woot!

Actor’s log, stardate 12/29/2015, sitrep!

Another year is about to fade away like those words in the Star Wars intro.

Ok, ok..I’ll stop with the sci-fi geekiness!

At the end of every year, I finish entering notes into my acting ‘log book’, which keeps track of my career highs and lows, and hopefully some encouraging milestones. I realized I’ve been doing this for over 10 years now, starting in 2004. I wish I had started in the late 90’s when I got serious about acting and enrolled in my first acting classes. Those were some interesting years, developmentally anyways. Hindsight. Oh well. But that’s ok – things didn’t start really happening until 2004 when I got my first imdb credit as an actor. Ahh, I remember how proud I was! Happy moment. :)

So, in a nutshell I went from dabbling in theatre in Germany -> extra on film sets in California -> acting training in earnest -> student films -> supporting roles in short films -> main roles in short films -> supporting and main roles in indie feature films -> writing and producing my own scripts -> making my first short film -> developing my next short film! Yay!

I might not be a celebrity or a known actor. I might not be a name, yet. I might not be the youngest and prettiest anymore. I might not be the best at schmoozing and kissing ass. But I got the three big “P”s in my corner: Persistence, Professionalism and Passion! (Just ask my agent, heh)

Like I always say…it’s the journey, man, not the destination!


So this year wasn’t too shabby on a creative level. Did my art thing, sold a few pieces, got some props, did some acting, completed my first short film and got it into a few film festivals. Did some more writing and started my next big project, a horror comedy short film.

Setting new goals and dreams and aiming for new milestones in 2016. May they all come true for you and me!

So, in closing out this year….

Have a happy, healthy, fun and prosperous New Year 2016, filled with light, love and life! Cheers!