Bits and pieces round up

Hi everybody, including my lurkers! ;)

As promised/threatened in my “Giving Thanks”  post, here’s the latest on what I’ve been up to over the last few months. It’s been a whirlwind ride for sure!

In August I flew overseas for a way long overdue reunion with family and friends in Germany! I saw my brand new niece, celebrated a birthday and a big wedding anniversary shindig. Needless to say…lots of happy tears!

Then in September, I finally got to cross an item of my bucket list: Visit the H.R. Giger Museum and the adjacent Giger bar in Gruyères, Switzerland! Add Gruyères cheese and a tour of the Gruyères Castle and the dream is complete! I’ve been planning and saving for this trip for years and it was worth every second! It almost seems like an amazing dream several months later! So grateful we could make this all happen!


•  •  •

The feature drama The Samuel Project has been making its film festival rounds and one of the screenings was at the San Diego Film Festival in October. Of course I couldn’t pass up the chance to re-unite with some of the cast and crew! I wrote a bit about the work I did on The Samuel Project in previous posts here and here.

SamuelProjectGroupPHotoFrom left to right: Steve Weinberger, Lilinda Camaisa, myself, Ryan Ochoa, Malina Moye, Casey Nicholas Price, director Marc Fusco, Catherine Siggins and Hal Linden.

•  •  •

Of course, I HAD to fly my horror freak flag during Halloween season! Shenanigans included doing a little acting in Beth Accomando’s annual (and by now notorious) Halloween haunt. This year’s theme was Death Row Execution – Ride the Lightning, and I played a prison ward who straps a demon-obsessed inmate to the electric chair.


Photo credit: Dante Moran

Good times, mwuahahaha… Of course, you can see more pics on my instagram!

•  •  •

Just a few days later, on November 3rd, I got to be one of the panelists of SAM 2018 (Storytelling Across Media) moderated by that same Beth Accomando (KPBS Cinema Junkie podcaster) and it was a blast! The event as described in the program:

Storytelling in Film – Independent filmmakers Fernando Jay Huerto (Harley, Finest City Showdown), Neal and Jana Hallford (A Case of Evil), Michael Foster (Hush), Jonathan Hammond (Isabel), and Pia Thrasher (The Appointment) will discuss what influences their approach to telling a story and why they choose to work in film. They will also address how personal identity, genre selection, and budget can impact the filmmaking process and the narrative we see on screen.


I was delighted to find a short bio of myself that Beth added to the printed program: “Pia Thrasher is a visual artist with a flair for capturing macabre beauty, and her film acting and directing also reveal a penchant for dark themes.”……. *squeee* I love it, cause it’s so dead on!


I was really nervous at first, but once the discussion started and my focus was on the subject of filmmaking and being in the moment, I relaxed and had a great time with my fun fellow panelists. I hope it was informative and useful for the audience!


I even got my own sign! I’m afraid Beth created a monster by inviting me…cause I COULD TOTALLY GET USED TO THIS! :)


•  •  •

Of course there was/is some film acting, too! We’re getting closer to wrapping up my role as a detective in ‘Penance‘, a horror/thriller feature film. For a suspenseful ‘breach and clear’ scene, we received some real tactical training by pros and worked really hard for this to make it look as legit as possible. Just another reason I love acting – you never stop learning!


Director approved BTS pics of training (back in the summer), recent shoot and wrap (for that day)

•  •  •

That’s it for now, all caught up, yay! My focus is now back on my own short film Things We Dig! Till next time – thanks for reading!


We have an Appointment with Phoenix Comicon!

Yep, that’s right – The Appointment is an official selection in the Phoenix Comicon Film Festival! This makes it the short film’s first festival screening and public premiere! So, if you happen to live in the Phoenix, Arizona area – here’s your chance to see this dark comedy on the big screen! We’re so excited!!!


The screening is in the “Shorts for Short Film Fans” Block on Sunday, May 31st at 10:30am. Here’s a link to the festival schedule:


Can. You. Say….ROAD TRIP!!!

Hope to see you there!


Get a life!

As a committed actor, you spend a lot of time focusing on building your career, obviously. Between classes, networking, marketing yourself, auditioning and actually acting in film or on stage, you can easily slip into a familiar routine or stagnant rut. Sometimes it’s easy to forget the importance of your growth as a human being. Actually, it is vital to you as an actor.

So, what to do about it?

Go out there and do new things for the first time! Feel the excitement of learning something new! Do you have a hobby? Nurture it, don’t neglect it! If you’re not into your hobby anymore, find a new one. Meet people outside of your usual circles. Travel and see other parts of the world, observe other cultures. Volunteer! Always pick your brain with a new challenge, like learning a new language or just memorizing your friends’ actual phone numbers! (Personally, I don’t think I know anybody’s phone number by heart, except for my husband’s and parents’ over in Germany). Get out of your comfort zone! Get a life outside of acting! How else are you going to gain any experience for future roles?

I’ve heard all this preached quite a few times and said my ‘yeah, yeahs‘… Easier said than done, right? But with a little discipline and determination, you can do it and stop finding excuses not to. No money for traveling abroad? Well, we live in a beautifully versatile country. Make it a road trip and take a travel buddy with you. Plan a route and go for it. Mark a weekend in your calendar and commit to it! You’ll find the cash for gas and transportation. If there’s a will, there’s a way. Trust me! For example, I always wanted to see Mayan ruins in Mexico and it took me three years of online research, planning and saving money, but it was the most spectacular and exhilarating vacation I’ve ever had! Those memories will ‘feed’ me until my next big adventure.


“What fear of heights? What dark cave below?” (Can you see the fear in my face?) *gulp*

If there’s a WILL, there’s a way. It’s as simple as that.

However, if your life gave you some seriously bitter lemons; or maybe your outlook at the moment doesn’t hold much promise for anything ‘fun’ – don’t despair! Even shitty experiences have their value! I worked at two seasonal jobs last year and at times it sucked so bad it made me cry. Seriously! Both jobs were in areas of expertise completely foreign to me. One dealt with lots of kids and the other with retail…in a mall…during the holidays. Yep. I took those gigs on to (hopefully) learn something new and to support my acting habit. I did my best, looked for the positive (wherever possible) and ‘endured’, but I was so glad when it was over. As bad as it was back then, I did gain some knowledge and learned lessons that I wouldn’t have otherwise. And guess what, those experiences also came in handy for some recent acting gigs!

So, what are you waiting for? Are you motivated? Good! Now let me get back to my online courses teaching me about my DSLR camera. I’m trying to have a life here ;)