Ch ch ch changes!

Holy moly, my blog sorely needs an update. Where have I been? Writing my newsletter! Well, that and painting and a few other creative shenanigans.

First of all, I hope you’re all doing ok and not stressing out too much over this holiday season!

Ok, let’s get down to it:

I’m still releasing my newsletter ‘Pia shares Her Dark Half’, woot! But, because Twitter turned into a shitshow and also decided to shut down their newsletter platform ‘Revue’, I had to move my content over to Beehiiv (which is probably a better move anyway). You can still catch all my previous editions and while at it, subscribe to catch my future editions. It’s been really fun writing regularly, and gaining a few subscribers in the process. This tells me, I’m doing something right.

Then, and this is important: I’ve stopped using the ‘Buy me a Coffee’ platform and moved all my creative projects over to Patreon, finally! And I’m having a blast with it – it’s definitely holding my feet to the creative fire and my supporters are keeping me accountable! It was a bit scary at first, being such a commitment and all, but it’s also inspiring and artistically rewarding! One of my projects there is my ‘Diary of an Indoor Cat’ where I release ongoing diary entries for my Patreon members to read, as I write them. The plan is to make it into a cute book with illustrations sometime late/end of 2023. And that’s just one of the projects!

If you’re intrigued and would like to support me, you can totally help me with my projects by becoming a member of my Patreon family! There are many other perks included, like free digital downloads of my art, behind the scenes stuff, works in progress, giveaways and more! You can see details and how it works or even sign up here ( It’s super easy. Thanks in advance for even checking it out!

What else has been going on?

Film and acting news:

Remember the nominations I talked about in my last blog (um, back in the summer)? Turns out, one of the wins was for Best Production Design for my short film ‘Things we Dig‘. Big congrats (and well deserved – about time) to my friend and production designer Elsa Mickelsen, woot!

Something fun from last year’s 48hr Film Project: The telenovela/soap opera slasher comedy I got to act in, TerrorNovela, is now officially on YouTube! It’s “melodrama so thick you can cut it with a knife! Reality lines get blurred between soap opera and horror movie in this genre bending spoof”.

Check it out if you have about 7 minutes to spare. Thank you to Kanari Storm Productions and director Christine Gatlin for letting me come out and play with you! I had a killer time! ;)

There was another film project I mentioned in my last blog, the comedy “Sinderella”, directed by my film buddy David Ruiz. It’s finished and had a one day premiere at UltraStar in San Diego a few weeks ago. I couldn’t attend, but there will be more screenings in January, I believe. Hopefully it will be available for streaming at some point as well! This is the one where I got to play the evil step-mom. I love playing villains! It’s always great working with David and his peeps! I’m a little bummed I missed the cast reunion.

That’s all the big news for now – it’s been a busy summer/fall for sure. Between my ‘thrival’ job and a cool side gig that I’m keeping on the down low, I also managed to eek out a new crime/horror short script ‘Vacation’, lol. It still needs some revising, but it might become a future short film, who knows!

With that, I wish you all warm and safe holidays, however/whatever you celebrate, don’t let the Krampus get you, and a Happy New Year 2023!



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