I decided to add a ‘Writer’ tab to my blog, since this is becoming a bigger part of my life these days! I’ve been keeping a low profile for years about my writing, but I think it’s time I fess up to my shenanigans.


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Some of you know I’ve been writing a poem here and there, an ongoing novel (for years, of course) and screenplays for my own short films.

Recently I started submitting my latest horror screenplay “Parcopresis” to competitions in the short film categories; and to my utter surprise and shock, it has produced results!

Well, I just found out that “Parcopresis” has made the Top 10 Script list and was selected for the Hellifax Horror Film Festival. This is my first time submitting my script to anything, so I am super excited and still pinching myself! The top 10 final ranking will be announced on October 18th. Crossing fingers!

Update June 2021: “Parcopresis” won “Best Horror Short Screenplay” at the 2021 Laughing Film Festival in L.A.!!! Whaaat?

Update 2/14/2021: Not only did “Parcopresis” wind up winning 6th Place in the Hellifax Horror Fest competition, but I just got an email notification that this little short now made it into the quarter finals of the Killer Shorts Screenplay Competition! *shriek*!

I chalked it up to beginner’s luck, but a day later I was notified that my screenplay was accepted by the Oregon Scream Week Film Festival!

What does this all mean? I have no idea…yet! But I’m SCREAMING with glee!

Parcopresis tagline: When a quick trip to the restroom turns into your worst nightmare.

Previous works (screenplays):

The Testa crime thriller with a dash of very dark humor!

Synopsis: A female assassin and her protégé are forced to bring matters to a head.

Watch it right here for free!

The Test on Vimeo.

Things We Dig – a horror comedy short film

Synopsis: In order to pay bills and pass as mere mortals, four female vampires offer a unique ‘cleaning and disposal’ service. Hoping to boost their struggling business, they hire a small film crew to make a commercial for the dark net. Naturally, it doesn’t take long for human and vampire cooperation to dissolve over bloody creative differences.

Watch it here:

The Appointment – a dark comedy short film

Synopsis: Paul, a seasoned hitman, receives an invitation to meet his boss in person, a very rare opportunity. His excitement is diminished when he meets Alex, an ambitious hitwoman, who has been called in for an appointment at the same time. Will there be a promotion, or a firing?

Official poster for ‘The Appointment

You can see the short film for free on Vimeo here:

“The Appointment” got a ‘Best Writing: Narrative Short Film’ nomination at the San Diego Film Awards 2017.