Alien cravings

I’m already an alien on this planet…well, a legal one, in these United States of America anyway. But I’d like to be an alien on Mars one day. Chances of that happening aren’t looking so good unless somebody invents a time travel machine soon since we’re not quite there with the technology yet… I’m not getting any younger here! No ‘beam me up Scotty’ so far; which means my next best hope is to play an alien in a movie. Ahh, how cool would that be!

Most of my friends know I’m a huge sci-fi geek (and I have SDCC badges dating from the early 90’s to prove it) and you’ve already heard me say again and again that ‘Alien’ and ‘Aliens’ are my all time favorite movies because they mash both the sci-fi thriller and horror/suspense genre together so perfectly. How I would have loved to play ‘Ripley’, even though she’s not an alien. Sigourney Weaver is my heroine and favorite actress and always will be. Ok, I digress. Aliens. Why NOT play one? I mean, after all, I’ve already played..

  …a witch:

(my most recent role as the ‘Stitch Witch’ in the feature film “The Immortal Edward Lumley”, directed by William Wall/Metro City Films, coming up January 2013!)

a vampire:

(…in a music video several years ago)

a really pissed off ghost:

(in ‘Healer’, still in post production. This is just a make-up shot that kinda hints at the cause of my ghost’s demise)

….and of course, a zombie:

(Munching on some guts on the set of ‘Zombie Man‘)

So, I’m putting it out there into the universe; and who knows, maybe some big time director, producer or casting director will see this and hire me as an alien! Yes, I can endure hours in the makeup chair and wear prosthetics on my face and neck. Bring on the spirit gum and rigid collodion! F/X me! I can handle it, rawr! I would make a fierce Klingon woman! Or a stone cold Vulcan authority figure. Or a feisty Bajoran! (But hopefully no ugly-ass Ferengi woman…*shiver*…my husband might never recover from THAT.)

Oh, and I can sit in a pool of fake blood all day long and even be trusted with fake weapons! No Diva stuff here, I can handle ‘icky’, even snakes and rats! Well…except spiders uaaaahhhhh …*shudder*…

Call my agent right now!

May the Force be with you..or Disney..or..oh, nevermind. ;)

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