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Hey everybody – and just like that, it’s summer! How are you? Are you reading this while on vacation abroad or during your staycation? No vacation for me this summer, but crossing my fingers for the end of the year.

So, I did start my newsletter ‘Pia Shares Her Dark Half like I announced in my last post and so far it’s going great! What is it about? Basically, I’m trying to get you to let out your shadow side in a creative way. You know…to release all that tension and stress and pent-up anger that seems to have this whole planet in its grip these days. If you haven’t already, subscribe and check your email tomorrow, when my next edition comes out. If you don’t see it, check your spam folder!

Speaking of writing…I’ve also been working on some screenplays off and on, between the other gigs, to keep those muscles warm! Sometimes I wish I could clone myself.

I’m also in the midst of getting art and paperwork together for the San Diego Comic-Con Art Show. I can’t believe SDCC is in just under a month already. Yikes!

On the acting front, not too much news. I’ve been offered a small role by my director friend David Ruiz for his next dramedy “Sinderella“, which I happily accepted. By now, it’s become his tradition to cast me as his good luck charm for every new project. I don’t mind at all! Plus he’s fun to work with and well….we go waaay back.

I also did some background work, cause, well, I could use the money and I’d rather be on a film set than at my survival job in the grocery store any day, even if it is at Trader Joe’s, lol! I can’t really say much about the film, except that the crew and the production itself was super nice and professional. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a production treat their extras as well as they have, especially under very difficult film shoot circumstances, like extreme heat, smoke, dust and live animals. Kudos! The movie will be on the History Channel in December (as far as I know). Stay tuned!

Not ‘Dune’…(I wish, hehe)

Since I’ve ramped up my creative projects in a big way again, I created a ‘Buy me a Coffee‘ account (well, in my case, buy me a beer) which is similar to Patreon, but without the monthly commitment. I decided to do this in conjunction with my newsletter, which is free for everybody to (hopefully) enjoy and share. ‘Buy me a Beer’ is basically a tip jar and you can drop some change for me or set up a monthly contribution to support my artistic endeavors. Art materials are not cheap and I thank you in advance for the love!

That’s all for today – have a great summer and stay frosty!




I’m so stoked to announce that my horror short screenplay “Parcopresis” has been selected for two more genre film festivals!

The script has been selected by Hollywood Horrorfest and it is in competition. Winners will be announced at their event in Los Angeles August 7th! So.. it’s soon, but the wait is agonizing, haha! Crossing fingers and tentacles!

Then, on Saturday I found out that “Parcopresis” is an Official Semifinalist in the GenreBlast 2021 Script Competition! Finalists will be announced next week and winners will be announced Sunday, September 5th at their awards ceremony in Winchester, Virginia! Let’s all visualize making it to the next round!

Edit/update August 11th: “Parcopresis” has moved to the Finalist stage at GenreBlast 2021! Keep crossing all digits!

All in all, that makes it six selections out of seven festival/competition submissions so far! I’m pinching myself! I never expected it to get so much love, but I’ll take it – and really appreciate it!

Cheers… and stay tuned for much more! Hint: new acting gigs and exciting announcements about my short films ‘The Test‘ and ‘Things We Dig“! 🖤

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