Filming ‘Vincent’ – Day 3

Hi gang!
Let’s continue with Day 3 of the film shoot – from my humble perspective!
This time the location is at my house and call-time is at 6.30AM again. The crew begins setting up lighting and blocking out several windows with black plastic. We remind the neighbors about the shoot one more time. In the course of the previous three days my living room and studio had been slowly transformed into “Vincent’s” dwellings. I barely recognize my home now – the change is quite dramatic! I have about 25-30 people going in and out the kitchen and other areas of the house. We’re using the backyard as our staging and catering area to try to avoid some of the foot traffic, which works most of the time. Luckily the weather cooperates and it’s perfect outside for breaks and lunch in the backyard.

Olivia Kuan and Jeff Corrales figuring out some lighting issues in my living room.

Today, in addition to Jonno and Scott, we have our lead actress, Veronica Wylie, and a baby and his stage mom on the set.
We start out in the kitchen and get the baby scenes done as fast as possible so the little trooper can go back home with his mom.
Once those scenes are done, the main action takes place in the living room/studio and then the bedroom and bathroom. Yes, we’re using the whole place, lol!

This is usually my office – now the make-up/fx room. I can’t see the floor, can you?

Jonno Roberts stealing a quiet moment in the spare bedroom. My kitty is taking full advantage of his undivided attention. (The gurney is part of the set.)

It’s quite the challenge to wrangle both of my cats and make sure they don’t get stepped on or run out in terror. I move them, food & water bowls and kitty litter from room to room (whichever is not in use at the time). They are not amused. As a matter of fact, today seems particularly crazy for me, because I get bombarded with questions from all directions…’Pia, where can I find some scissors? Pia, do you have any extra bedsheets? Can we mess up these towels? Where can I put my stuff?’ And on and on! At one point I actually lock myself in the bathroom for a breather – it’s either that or lose my mind! Ahhh, it’s nice and quiet in here. Oh, I got a job as script supervisor to do! Heading back into the madness…I think it’s time to enlist hubby as my aide…

The day is a blur of activity and running around. My brain is barely keeping up and the hours tick by at amazing speed. We work, take breaks and eat, joke around and work again. It’s pretty much routine now.
Almost at the end of the shoot day (err, night) I change into my scrubs, surgical gloves and mask and become a paramedic. Watch out, here comes my grand and amazing acting contribution! ;)
We do a practice run with our lines and figure out specific moves in a certain order (for technical reasons) and then film it. Half an hour later, it’s a wrap! WoOt!

Robert Ozeran, Nicolas Simonin and Yours Truly after we are wrapped for the night. Yes, that’s a beer in my hand… others are just smart enough to not pose with their drinks. I see I have lots to learn ;)

All in all it’s a great shoot day, awesome performances and teamwork. Thankfully the crew does a great job clearing out and cleaning up after the shoot. I’m so exhausted I don’t even care at this moment and just want to go to bed. It’s gonna take a while anyway to get this place transformed back to ‘normal’.
I’ll worry about that after tomorrow’s shoot – the last day of principal photography. Oh wait… it IS already tomorrow!

To be continued…

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