Turning into a Zombie – happily and willingly!

Zombies – love them or hate them – they’re here to stay (or stagger)!

The other day, I was asked by Scott Wenger and Eva Pfaff of Solar Light Films if I felt like coming by and having them try some Zombie make-up on me, and that some FX professionals were involved. This is part of the pre-production for their short film ‘Zombie Man‘.

Are. You. Kidding. Me?

Of course! Hellooo! Obviously they didn’t know me that well, yet ;)

I arrive at their place and meet the other two willing Zombies and see that everything is set up to go. Tables are full of tools of the trade and I spot Eva’s paintings of the creatures that we will be modeled after. Awesome stuff. Then I meet Dean and Nina Gates, the pros! I find out some of their credits include ‘Coneheads’, ‘Day of the Dead’ and – be still my geeky heart: ‘Star Trek’! I know I’m in good hands now!

Dean and Eva hatching their plan to transform me into somethin’ real ugggleyh!

Dean, Nina and Eva start working on the 3 of us and I try to watch and learn as much as possible. I also try to coax gossip stories out of Dean and Nina and we generally have a good time chatting as they’re working on us.

Getting there…I want to see so badly what my make-up looks like, and yet, I hesitate…Holy hell!

Dean working on Shane – amazing stuff!

Nina working on Rick – gnarly!

After about 3 or 4 hours we’re done! We take pics and pose and have a great time shuffling around as zombies. Oh yeah… I can’t wait to film this!

Tataaaa! Arrrrgghh! Aint’ I purrdy?

After all the fun it was time to take off the make-up and get cleaned up somewhat. I debated leaving it on and driving home that way, but I had to get gas and didn’t want to start a zombie panic. Then again, it….hmm…I kinda regret that now. Missed my chance to terrorize some kids! Dang!
Next time, hehe.

Thank you, Scott and Eva, for including me in your project! This is gonna be such gouhlish fun!
It also inspired me to make a few zombie-themed greeting cards. Here’s a sample, check it out! Zombies need love too, right?

Ok, that’s all for today, shuffling off then…

One thought on “Turning into a Zombie – happily and willingly!

  1. Looking good! That make up is amazing. I tried to do my own zombie make up once. I was very happy with the one open wound I was able to create.

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