Oh, the Horror!

‘The Appointment’ has struck again! I am very happy and honored to announce that my dark comedy short film has been selected to screen at the Horrible Imaginings Film Festival!

The festival director, Miguel Rodriguez, even made a whole page for ‘The Appointment‘ for the festival website! Check out the entire horrific line-up and showtimes of films here and get your tickets today! “The Appointment” will be featured during the “Horror-Comedy” Short Film Block, starting at 12:00pm on Saturday, September 12th!

This is Horrible Imagining’s 6th year and this time the 3-day festival will be held at San Diego’s wonderful Museum of Photographic Arts (MOPA). It’s a really fun festival and a lot of love and passion goes into this one every year.  There’s even a cool little trailer to whet your appetite:

This is the film’s 3rd festival acceptance and I could not be more excited!

FilmFestivalPosterI love adding these wreaths! Don’t they look lovely?


See you at the festival!


Hi everybody, check out the fantastic poster and trailer for the short film I got to act in for the 48HR Film Project San Diego!

It was an absolute blast being on such a great team! Brilliant cast and crew – there was magic in the air, literally! ;)

crowdsorceryposterClever design by Bad MF Elsa Mickelsen!


We are Team BadMF and we are in Screening Group E.

Come see our premiere of ‘CrowdSorcery’ on Wednesday, August 12th at 6:30PM at Reading Cinemas Gaslamp 15
701 5th Avenue, San Diego, CA 92101!

You can buy tickets here: https://sd48hfp.ticketbud.com/2015

Can’t wait to see it on the big screen! See you on the red carpet! Wootwoot, #TeamBadMF!!!

‘The Appointment’ is creeping closer!

Wow, this summer is passing by at record speed and San Diego Comic Con is already a thing of the past. I am fully looking forward to the Halloween season! And, of course, filming my short film right after!

So here’s the latest on ‘The Appointment’:

• We have a Twitter page: twitter.com/TheApptShort – Go follow it and retweet!

• We have a Facebook page: www.facebook.com/theappointmentshortfilm  – Go ‘like’ it and share it!

• We’re assembling an amazing crew, including people I’ve worked with in the past! The support in the film community has knocked me off my feet and I still have to pinch myself! Talk about super talented and passionate pros! Detailed announcements will follow on FB and Twitter closer to production. If you’re in the San Diego film scene, you’ll recognize a lot of the names :)

Casting call for the two supporting actors is out. Here are the details for my actor peeps out there: “Looking for two actors for supporting roles in my short film ‘The Appointment’ to be filmed in San Diego in November. Non-Union. Meals/gas and possible small stipend. Audition time and location TBD. This is a dark comedy and these are two fun supporting roles! Improv experience a plus. Breakdown:

– Latino male 20s-30s – the young stud, in great shape, badass bodyguard to Ms. Mord. He’s hot and he knows it, but not a smart ass. Can be sweet and a bit of a ‘dim bulb’ at times. Eager to learn and loyal. MUST SPEAK FLUENT SPANISH.

– Latino male 40s-50s – the older, wiser bodyguard for Ms. Mord. Maybe a bit more rotund and soft around the edges, but still tough as hell and his experience in the field has kept him alive. You don’t want to get on his bad side. Still has a wicked edge to him.  MUST SPEAK FLUENT SPANISH.

Please send headshot/resume and/or links to your demo reel or website to email@piathrasher.com ”  


• I’m putting together a photoshoot for the actual poster and promo images as we speak. Sheesh…THAT alone is turning out to be quite the challenge! Getting all the schedules, props, locations together, etc…looks like a nice warm-up to the actual film shoot!


• I’ve started working on my character (putting my actor hat on for a minute) and recorded a native-Russian-speaking friend reading my lines, so I can get the accent right. Thank you again, Irina! I’ve also gotten much more serious about getting into badass shape (mainly for confidence of my character, but also to shed a few pounds) at my martial arts dojo Kwai Sun Studio, where, incidentally, I met the kickass Irina ;)


• I am still looking for referrals and tips for location/set/film insurance. Anybody?


• I am still looking for the right location! Here’s a refresher from an older blog post: I’m looking for an expensive type of place, a mansion or villa. Here are some interior photo examples:

As you can see, they all have a ‘dark’ design, so I want to avoid lots of windows or really bright interiors. My vision is to add lots of lush plant life. I like the library look as well. The idea is ‘luxurious‘, elegant, cultured. Artwork on the walls or in shelves a big plus. I don’t need a big table and a lot of chairs/sofa seats. Actually – one leather couch and a small coffee table would be perfect.


Ok, I think that’s it for now. Things are definitely ramping up and the ball has started rollling, yaaay!
Thanks for reading – stay tuned for more filmmaking adventures!