Things we did last week

One week ago we wrapped principal photography on my short film Things We Dig! It finally happened, for real, yep, we did it! I still have to pinch myself that this wasn’t just a wishful dream, but the result of four years of persistence and planning. I wrote the script sometime in 2015 and blogged about it the first time in 2016.


The process was a lot harder this time (compared to when I made my first short ‘The Appointment‘), because ‘Things We Dig’ has 3 times the cast, script pages and cost. The universe tossed a lot of challenges my way, but I am stubborn if anything!  First came a loss of the location, then hospitalization, death in the family, surgery for a cast member and finally my own surgery. The long delay caused its own consequences, like having to re-cast three characters and finding new crew members. And to top it off, our beloved kitty had an emergency, got a catastrophic diagnosis; and we had to help it over the rainbow bridge just TWO weeks before the shoot! I was devastated, shook my fist at the sky, but then decided I had the film to focus on and throw myself into work. I was wondering what else would crop up and didn’t even dare making any announcements about the upcoming film shoot, much less blog about it. NO JINXING! The last time I posted about it was in February, only to let people know the project had come alive again.

In the end it all came together beautifully thanks to our brilliant cast and crew! We worked hard, but there was also lots of laughter and giggles. I couldn’t have wished for a better filming experience, directing and acting at the same time, with my 1st AD Stephen Mickelsen by my side. I couldn’t have done it without the immense help of the Mickelsen family (Bad Cat Films), my always supportive hubby and of course you, my friends and supporters!

SpellsceneOn the set – first night!

actingdirectingActing and directing between my fellow cast members Cat Forrest and Jenn Larson

outdoorstifleStifling the giggles while watching the scene on the monitor

hidingGreat BTS shot by our MUA Ty Marie Frost

piaacidAfter a long day…I’m ready for a hot, bubbly bath myself…

elsaspell2Production designer extraordinaire Elsa Mickelsen

piastephen21st AD Stephen Mickelsen and yours truly, really close to wrapping Day 3.

groupthumbsupPartial cast and crew after wrapping Day 2 – so grateful for these super talented people!

Life is back to almost ‘normal’, back to not having to put out last minute fires before or during the shoot. I’ve already had a few dreams since the shoot, waking up distressed, thinking I forgot to shoot a scene! That vehicle breakdown on the way to the set was just a dream, right? Is it filmmaker PTSD? Is that a thing?

I miss the fun times with everybody on the set already and love going through the many pics we all took. I’ve had a week to reflect and take a breather (well…except my day job, heh..), but the work is not done! Now we head into post production

Next film festival screenings

Hi there!

Quick update with great news! My first short film The Appointment has been accepted into two more film festivals back to back!

In August, this dark comedy will make its Australia premiere at the Woodland Film Festival, yaayyy!!! This is our first outside the U.S. festival screening!


UPDATE EDIT – Latest info: We are in block 7 – screening at 4.45pm on Saturday, August 6th!


Woot! What a great line-up and so honored to be part of it!


And: The Appointment is also an Official Selection of the American Grindhouse Film Festival in September!


Exact dates/times and locations TBA!



I love how the laurels are starting to pile up! :) Congrats to all my cast and crew!

Actor’s log, stardate 12/29/2015, sitrep!

Another year is about to fade away like those words in the Star Wars intro.

Ok, ok..I’ll stop with the sci-fi geekiness!

At the end of every year, I finish entering notes into my acting ‘log book’, which keeps track of my career highs and lows, and hopefully some encouraging milestones. I realized I’ve been doing this for over 10 years now, starting in 2004. I wish I had started in the late 90’s when I got serious about acting and enrolled in my first acting classes. Those were some interesting years, developmentally anyways. Hindsight. Oh well. But that’s ok – things didn’t start really happening until 2004 when I got my first imdb credit as an actor. Ahh, I remember how proud I was! Happy moment. :)

So, in a nutshell I went from dabbling in theatre in Germany -> extra on film sets in California -> acting training in earnest -> student films -> supporting roles in short films -> main roles in short films -> supporting and main roles in indie feature films -> writing and producing my own scripts -> making my first short film -> developing my next short film! Yay!

I might not be a celebrity or a known actor. I might not be a name, yet. I might not be the youngest and prettiest anymore. I might not be the best at schmoozing and kissing ass. But I got the three big “P”s in my corner: Persistence, Professionalism and Passion! (Just ask my agent, heh)

Like I always say…it’s the journey, man, not the destination!


So this year wasn’t too shabby on a creative level. Did my art thing, sold a few pieces, got some props, did some acting, completed my first short film and got it into a few film festivals. Did some more writing and started my next big project, a horror comedy short film.

Setting new goals and dreams and aiming for new milestones in 2016. May they all come true for you and me!

So, in closing out this year….

Have a happy, healthy, fun and prosperous New Year 2016, filled with light, love and life! Cheers!