A new ‘birthday’

Exactly one year ago today, my appendix decided to explode and almost kill me. Long story short – I’m not 16 anymore by far, heh, and the recovery took a little while. BUT! I recovered and THEN some :)

In a way, that ER/hospital trip woke me up and became a little bit a blessing in disguise. It re-affirmed my faith in people – after all, these lovely doctors and nurses saved my sorry ass! It also put in perspective a bunch of things in my life and, like some people reacted after 9/11, it made me re-evaluate my life and my goals and what really makes little ole’ me happy.

After a few weeks, I was back at my job and I could sense everything sliding back into ‘day in, day out’ mode and I didn’t like it. So, I decided it was time to leave my job and pursue what I’ve missed the most: Being creative again. It was crazy and risky, especially in this economy, but I’ve never regretted it to this day. Some things just can’t be bought with money.

Another big change was my husband’s and my commitment to travel more and see more of this amazing planet! Forget that fancy watch or expensive restaurant dinner – I’d rather save my bucks for Australia or Bora Bora! After our visit to several Mayan ruins in Southern Mexico end of last year, we becameĀ  hooked!

Unfortunately we can’t go on vacation every month (wouldn’t THAT be something!), so you make do with shorter trips or with what’s around you in between. Lo and behold: San Diego’s Cowles Mountain!

So, we popped our Cowles Mountain cherry today. Yup. After living in San Diego for over a decade! *blush*. I decided I wanted to commemorate today’s date (and my new ‘birthday’) with some kind of physical activity to show myself how far I’ve come since my surgery and that I’m back, baby! Better than before, yay!

It took us 49 minutes to get up (we stopped several times just to gawk in awe) and not knowing how tough it would be, we took our time. Next time I’d like to make it up there in half the time. It was definitely getting close to a bit warm..so I recommend that you go early in the day, before 9 am, if you ever want to go. I’m glad I had a hat on and my water bottle!

Once you’re up there – it’s just…WOW! It IS the highest mountain in San Diego and the views are breathtaking!

(I think you can click on the image for a larger version. Hmm, I better check on that)

You can see all the way to the ocean and there’s Lake Murray to the left. On the right you can see downtown San Diego.

This is the marker plaque for Cowles Mountain. So glad we came up here, enjoyed the view and made it back down safely (it gets slippery sometimes because of loose gravel, rocks and sand).

So, in a way, this was my ‘birthday’ gift to myself. Me (and my body) couldn’t ask for a better one ;)