Early vacation, cleared head, now diving back in.

I had a little early vacation when my parents came from overseas to visit for a month and we went on a little roadtrip. Well, not so little. We went from Cali to Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and back. Yup, did the whole shebang – Meteor Crater, Canyon de Chelley, Monument Valley, Mesa Verde, Arches National Park, Four Corners and most awesome of all ‘The Wave‘ in the North Coyote Buttes (Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument)!!! I was lucky to get permits online about 5 months ago. Just amazing!

Mom and I ‘riding’ the Wave – I’ll never forget this!

So…what does it all have to do with acting? Not much. Well..I DID watch a few actors reenact the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral in Tombstone, Arizona. See? There was some acting there!

No, seriously – and I’m sure most of my fellow actors agree – sometimes you just need to get away from it all! No scouring casting websites for gigs, no auditions, no classes, no networking, no emails, no (gasp!) internet.
You have to clear your head sometimes, get out there, do something new, see something you’ve never seen before. Explore, travel – go on an adventure and find yourself again!

Of course at first I was wondering how many opportunities I ‘missed’ by not being ‘on the grid’ and it took me a day or two to get out of that mindset, but then I relaxed into my new situation; and I was in a different world. I think as an actor you NEED stuff like this – to grow and to experience new sensations. If not, where else is inspiration supposed to come from? It also helped me reconnect with my parents and I now see our relationship in a new light. Two birds, yay!

But, that’s all over now and I’m back. Vacation is over. Time to get crackin’ again!

So, I signed up on two teams for the 48Hr Film Festival and started attending their meetings. One of the teams is almost the same crew that worked on ‘Vincent‘ – we all stayed in touch and were eager to work together again. Love it!

Speaking of ‘Vincent‘: Director Nicolas Simonin is back from Cannes, where his previous short film ‘Derailed’ was screened. So, we (Nicolas, actor Jonno Roberts, yours truly and a skeleton crew) filmed a few pickup shots in my place and later that night at that gas station again. Talk about Deja Vu! It was actually really fun and fast and Nic was happy with the footage. Post production continues..

Found out I got a new imdb credit for ‘Where are the Fans‘. WoOT!

Also found out from director Mark Allen that his horror feature ‘Man Alone‘, in which I’m slated to play a journalist, is on hold until 2012. Bummer. But that’s how it goes – film financing is tough these days!

But the good news is, ‘Witch Creek‘ (dir. Neal Hallford), another horror/supernatural feature, is on again! Supposed to shoot this summer.

Zombie Man‘ is in post production. I was asked to do an interview about my experience on the set, which was really fun to do. I think it will be included on the DVD (well, part of it, I’m sure, since I probably rambled on for a while, heh).

That’s the latest; now off to search for more gigs! Tschüss!