At last!

“In order to pay bills and pass as mere mortals, four female vampires offer a unique ‘cleaning and disposal’ service. Hoping to boost their struggling business, they hire a small film crew to make a commercial for the dark net. Naturally, it doesn’t take long for human and vampire cooperation to dissolve over bloody creative differences.”

Just in time for the Halloween season, Things we Dig is now online for your viewing pleasure! Leave the kids in the other room and lower the lights. Get ready for creepiness and giggles!

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Dark greetings,


“The Test” Premiere!

Come join us for free at 6pm PST TODAY, Friday the 13th!!!

The Test” is the result of a bunch of us filmmakers itching to get out and do something creative! So, in early 2021, still in the middle of the Covid19 pandemic, the fully vaccinated cast and crew went out into the California desert and did what they do best: make a little movie!

Join us for the online premiere of ‘The Test‘, a short film about two female assassins dealing with a high-stakes situation. Who will pass the test?

Starring Pia Thrasher and Deepti Kingra Mickelsen as two femme fatales you don’t want to cross!

So sit back with a snort of whiskey (or a non-booze beverage for you abstaining folks), kick up your heels and enjoy the show! Thank you for hanging out with us, commenting and spreading the word! Cheers!!!

The FB link for the premiere is here!

See you in less than two hours!!!



Testing, testing!

Whoa, did another month just slip by? How’s your July going?

Things are happening with ‘The Test‘! We finished and locked the edit about two weeks ago and ever patient editor Peter Stoll is finishing up sound cleanup. Today we completed the brill score/soundtrack, thanks to composer Eric Recourt (who also killed it on our previous project “Things We Dig“).

Get ready to hear more about his side project President Frankenstein! It’s an audio gold mine for you fellow filmmakers out there looking for great punk rock tunes!

Also, we have our brand new film poster! I usually do my own, but when production designer and renaissance woman Elsa Mickelsen offered to do it, how could I refuse? Check out her rad design, which perfectly matches the feel of our short!

Aaand, last but not least, ‘The Test’ IMDb page is up, so give it a follow or like or whatever it is these days!

Next up is color and end credits and then it’s ready for your viewing pleasure, clocking in at right under 5 minutes! Just enough time to savor a good snort of whiskey!