Appointment with Festivals (sorry, couldn’t help it)

Today “The Appointment” will be shown at the inaugural Ax Wound Film Festival in Vermont! I feel really honored to have my little film in such brilliant company! You can see the great line-up of short films here! I can’t be there in person, but will be in spirit! I was lucky to meet some of these inspiring women filmmakers at the Horrible Imaginings Film Festival in San Diego. If you’re in the area – don’t miss it!


I love the official Ax Wound FF wreath – all made up of sharp weapons ;)


Speaking of Horrible Imaginings, which happened about a month ago…. I had such a blast and it was our best screening yet! Such a fun and appreciative audience! I can’t even tell you how many like-minded and enthusiastic new friends and filmmakers I’ve met. Thank you, Miguel Rodriguez, for putting together such a terrific film festival! At some point the super cool TG Geeks asked me to do an interview and you can hear their entire podcast here. (I start at around 10 minute mark, if you’re short on time.). They also did a cool write-up here, so check it out!



On the stage for a Q/A with fellow filmmakers, and in the audience…as a super happy camper. Thanks for the photos, Dante Moran of Inferno Productionz! 

Here’s another pic with festival director Miguel Rodriguez below. Not sure who took the photo, but thank you!



Yes, me in a dress, flanked by my co-stars Ary Hernandez and Mike Burnell, represent’n ‘The Appointment’

That’s all folks! Thanks for reading!



Friday the 13th Cast and Crew Shindig

Late Friday the 13th turned out to be one of my favorite nights this year so far! We had a private screening of my short film ‘The Appointment‘ for the cast, crew and dearest friends. I can’t tell you how nervous I was at first, not knowing what everybody’s reactions would be. As soon as I heard the first giggles, I let out a sigh of relief. People laughed in the right places and it was all good, phew!








I’m so proud of our cast and crew! My heart is just bursting with love right now! I couldn’t have done without you. *Grouphug* Thank you all for showing the love!