The little film that could!

Hi guys, more great updates for ‘Things We Dig‘!

The 6ix Screams International Horror Film Festival has come and gone (btw… great peeps who really help promote filmmakers) and we found out ‘Things We Dig’ won an the Best Classic Villain” Award! Woohoo! Thank you 6ix Screams for this honor!

Coming this weekend, ‘Things We Dig‘ will screen at a live in-person event in Munich, Germany – our Germany Premiere!!! You can see all the info on their website for the Independent-Star Filmfest Munich!!!

We are in the shorts block on Saturday, November 13th in the evening. We also found out we won the Silver Award in their Horror Shorts section! I’m sending a family member to pick it up for me! I am so incredibly excited to have my horror comedy screen back home, in my neck of the woods! Oh, if only I could be there!

EDIT 11/12: Unfortunately, due to very high Covid19 cases, the live event had to be canceled. Such a bummer! It will all be virtual instead.

I’m still waiting to find out more details about our Spain Premiere at the ROFL Film Festival in Madrid. Info coming soon!

Edit: I have received news from the festival that the in-person event will be moved to early 2022, due to currently very high Covid19 cases.

And, last but not least in any way..I’m happy to announce ‘Things We Dig‘ is a selection for the AxWound Film Festival! This would be the second time they have selected my work – back in 2015 it was my first short film ‘The Appointment‘. I’m so honored to to have ‘Things We Dig’ amongst such a rad line-up of female filmmaker’s work!

The film festival will be in December and I’ll have more details soon!

Ok, I think I’ve covered it all…for now! Congratulations again to my cast and crew without who this wouldn’t have been possible!


I’m so stoked to announce that my horror short screenplay “Parcopresis” has been selected for two more genre film festivals!

The script has been selected by Hollywood Horrorfest and it is in competition. Winners will be announced at their event in Los Angeles August 7th! So.. it’s soon, but the wait is agonizing, haha! Crossing fingers and tentacles!

Then, on Saturday I found out that “Parcopresis” is an Official Semifinalist in the GenreBlast 2021 Script Competition! Finalists will be announced next week and winners will be announced Sunday, September 5th at their awards ceremony in Winchester, Virginia! Let’s all visualize making it to the next round!

Edit/update August 11th: “Parcopresis” has moved to the Finalist stage at GenreBlast 2021! Keep crossing all digits!

All in all, that makes it six selections out of seven festival/competition submissions so far! I’m pinching myself! I never expected it to get so much love, but I’ll take it – and really appreciate it!

Cheers… and stay tuned for much more! Hint: new acting gigs and exciting announcements about my short films ‘The Test‘ and ‘Things We Dig“! 🖤

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Testing, testing!

Whoa, did another month just slip by? How’s your July going?

Things are happening with ‘The Test‘! We finished and locked the edit about two weeks ago and ever patient editor Peter Stoll is finishing up sound cleanup. Today we completed the brill score/soundtrack, thanks to composer Eric Recourt (who also killed it on our previous project “Things We Dig“).

Get ready to hear more about his side project President Frankenstein! It’s an audio gold mine for you fellow filmmakers out there looking for great punk rock tunes!

Also, we have our brand new film poster! I usually do my own, but when production designer and renaissance woman Elsa Mickelsen offered to do it, how could I refuse? Check out her rad design, which perfectly matches the feel of our short!

Aaand, last but not least, ‘The Test’ IMDb page is up, so give it a follow or like or whatever it is these days!

Next up is color and end credits and then it’s ready for your viewing pleasure, clocking in at right under 5 minutes! Just enough time to savor a good snort of whiskey!