I’m so stoked to announce that my horror short screenplay “Parcopresis” has been selected for two more genre film festivals!

The script has been selected by Hollywood Horrorfest and it is in competition. Winners will be announced at their event in Los Angeles August 7th! So.. it’s soon, but the wait is agonizing, haha! Crossing fingers and tentacles!

Then, on Saturday I found out that “Parcopresis” is an Official Semifinalist in the GenreBlast 2021 Script Competition! Finalists will be announced next week and winners will be announced Sunday, September 5th at their awards ceremony in Winchester, Virginia! Let’s all visualize making it to the next round!

Edit/update August 11th: “Parcopresis” has moved to the Finalist stage at GenreBlast 2021! Keep crossing all digits!

All in all, that makes it six selections out of seven festival/competition submissions so far! I’m pinching myself! I never expected it to get so much love, but I’ll take it – and really appreciate it!

Cheers… and stay tuned for much more! Hint: new acting gigs and exciting announcements about my short films ‘The Test‘ and ‘Things We Dig“! 🖤

#writer #screenwriter #scriptwriter #hollywoodhorrorfest #filmfestival
#scriptcompetition #coverfly #horrorwriter #creaturehorror #parcopresis

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