Vamps in New Orleans

A little over a week ago, Things We Dig had its World Premiere at Screamfest L.A. – as a writer/director and actor who loves the horror genre, a dream come true and a bucket list item for me!

Due to the pandemic, it was a drive-in event with all the Covid19 measures in place. It was a pleasant night, windows open and overall great vibe. My favorite part was listening to other people laugh out loud (in the right places) while watching our horror comedy film on the big screen. I was especially happy to re-unite with the cast and crew that could make it. I’m still pinching myself that it all happened, but I got pics to prove it :)

Clockwise from center top: actors Jenn Larson and Marc Biagi, production designer Elsa Mickelsen, our DP Peter Mickelsen, producer and first AD Stephen Mickelsen, actor Deepti Kingra-Mickelsen, producer J.R. Thrasher and myself

It gets even better! Tomorrow the fun moves to Screamfest New Orleans, which is actually an in-person event. I’m especially excited that it will warm-up everybody’s blood for a “Friday 13th double feature”! Of course, the venue is also following all the safety measures that are available. This is from the Zeitgeist Theatre: “We installed 3 UV air-scrubbers in our ventilation system for your safety.  Masks are required.  We are social distancing. Our theatre and lounge is professionally cleaned and sanitized by Jani-King of New Orleans.  Check out our new Dolby sound system.

Get info, including schedule, address and tickets through the Screamfest Film Festival website here.

As it happens, we’re also having our UK premiere tomorrow! Cross your fingers for a possible award at Misty Moon International Film Festival!

As I’m writing this, the registration window for the virtual film festival has already been closed. I’ll attend live over Zoom 11am PST tomorrow and will keep you updated, if we win anything!

But WAIT! There’s more! But that’s in the next blog post. I gotta leave you with this, though: Halloween will be a super busy day for ‘Things We Dig’!

As usual, stay tuned, stay healthy!

Bloody kisses,


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