End of year and what we didn’t dig

This has been a most lopsided year – frustrating, disappointing, hair-raising, shocking, scary, sad, rewarding, infuriating – these are just a few words that come to mind.

So many of my friends and family had a really rough 2016, and it was no different for me. I’ve had lots of disheartening challenges this year and I’m still overcoming them. I thought about pouring my heart out and sharing my highlights and lowlights of 2016, but then I wondered if that was wise. Social media is such a fickle thing. If I show struggle and defeat, some will call it weakness or failure (or secretly enjoy my misfortunes). If I show strength and perseverance, some will pounce on it and call it bragging or vanity. Facebook has become more of a ‘con’ than a ‘pro’ over the last year. And yes, the election and the months leading up to it have had a lot to do with it. Do I want to expose myself, lay my soul bare on Twitter and risk being trolled? For what? At this point in time, in this climate, I’ll pass, at least for now…for the sake of my inner peace and to keep focused on my goals. Having said that, I’ll let my creative work speak loud and clear instead!

Which brings me to some quick updates, as there are a few things I do want to share!


The state of my short film, ‘Things We Dig‘, a horror comedy.

Yes, we are delayed a lot longer than I ever anticipated. Locations drop out, life happens, people get sick or injured…family comes first. As I said, this year threw a few curveballs, but we are still on with the production! Just not in 2016. We are 2/3 done with finding locations, but are still looking for that crucial interior set. At least we’re getting closer! Realistically, we’re looking at no earlier than February 2017 for the filmshoot. The bright spot is, it gives everybody involved time to recover from the holidays and any emotional/family/financial meltdowns, lol! More time to prep, getting it right and other behind the scenes stuff. And to all our Indiegogo supporters, we have not forgotten you! Hang in there…It’ll be worth the wait! What’s that quote again? “It’s supposed to be hard. If it were easy, everyone would do it.”


I’m super grateful for the support and loyalty of my cast and crew, you rock! Thank you for your patience! I’ve resolved more than ever to make this flick happen, I’m determined to finish it, especially now, in light of the current political climate. And the women in it will be #nastywomen! Hey-o!

Hope for a better year, new energy.

With production of “Things we dig” on hold, I did some soul searching and gained some new perspective on my aspirations and priorities. Once this short film is done, I’ll hang up my filmmaker hat and shift my energy back to solely acting in film. I DO love telling stories, so writing some scripts might still happen as ideas pop into my head, but maybe someone else will produce or direct them. Anyhoo, over the last few months, I’ve updated my actor profiles on casting sites, renewed acting related memberships, gathered up all the film footage I could get my hands on to make new demo reels & clips, uploaded them online and made them available for agents and casting directors. Next up: new headshots and some refresher classes.

I started the practice of daily meditation a little over three months ago and can’t believe the positive impact so far! If you’ve ever considered it – DO it! Just 10 minutes a day… make it a habit! I promise you’ll be amazed! Of course, I’ve been continuing with my self defense and martial arts training, including the bo staff and nunchaku (which I really love!). Gotta keep that mind and body sharp!


There was one positive word in my blog post opening: “rewarding”  –  which was finding purpose in art & charity with my “Warrior” painting series. (I’ve already written about my inspiration/motivation in a previous blog.) The paintings hit a nerve, people responded – positively; and it encouraged me to continue with the series! I plan on debuting additional ones at the 2017 San Diego Comic Con Art Show (which already has asked me back, yay)!

#AlwaysKeepFighting  and #NeverGiveUp!

On that note, I wish you all Happy Holidays and a much better, kick ass Happy New Year 2017!!!


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