“Uncle Reesie” feature film premiere


My long-time director friend David Ruiz made another movie and it’s about to premiere!

I got to play the role of a doctor and it’s my 4th time working with David! It’s always such a treat being on his set and I’m grateful he keeps asking me back!

doctorPaging Dr. Morgan! BTS pic with my patient (actor Ryan Brewer)

Tickets are  on sale now! (San Diego) Join the cast and crew for the premiere Friday, May 13th at 6pm (the theater accidentally put 5:30pm but they said they would change that) and 8:30pm.

Red carpet event from 5pm to 6pm. Please come out and support!

Buy now cause tickets will be sold out for the premiere times.


Uncle Reesie is a dramedy about a long time single man, who finally, at the age of 48 meets the woman of his dreams, but must choose between her and the two children who need him.

Hope to see you there!

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