It has begun!

The Indiegogo campaign for my next short film, “Things We Dig“, has been launched a couple of hours ago! If you have a few dollars to spare, or a lot – I’d appreciate any contribution!

Also, feel free to share the campaign page with anybody who might be interested in supporting an indie horror comedy!

First off – here’s my 2 minute pitch (with co-star Jenn Larson):

A big thanks and shoutout to Susy Botello of Mobile Film School for helping us on the shoot after sundown!

Interested? We also have some great perks! Just take a look – click on this link:  Indiegogo/project/thingswedig

Thanks a bunch!!!


A few more updates:

We now also have a Facebook page for Things We Dig  and a Twitter page – thanks for following!


That’s all for now..stay tuned and have a great week!



Pia Thrasher aka Her Dark Half



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