Kinda unrelated to acting, but I thought it was noteworthy for a blog anyway.

So, San Diego Comic-Con happened and I sold a painting in the Art Show, yay! But that’s not the news I’m most excited about…

The best part of this year’s con for me personally? It was finding out that an art piece I submitted to SDCC months ago for the 75th Anniversary of Catwoman was accepted and published as a full page in their Souvenir Book! Page 90, baby! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw it, right there…in print, with my credits next to it!


As visual artist and photographer, you enter many competitions and similar projects like this and you deal with a lot of rejection (like I needed to add more challenges to my life as an actor..but artists gotta do what they gotta do). It just makes little victories like this so much sweeter! Thank you SDCC people for including my art! Needless to say, I collected a few books so I can send them to my mom and pop overseas!

Here’s a better view in my DeviantArt Gallery.


That’s all for today, folks. Next week: 48hr Film Project in San Diego! #TeamBadMF all the way, woot!



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