Hashtag Actorlife and other Adventures

• First off, we had our Premiere Screening of my short film ‘The Appointment‘ at the Phoenix Comicon in Arizona on May 31st! The film played without a hitch and people laughed in the right places, so yay!!


Having a celebratory drink (or two) after the screening with co-producer, location scout and best on-set provider of food, J.R. Thrasher!


• I just wrapped my part as promiscuous housewife ‘Stella’ in the sci-fi comedy short “Still” (dir. Patrick Russell Burton and Linda Skeens).  What a fun shoot and I can’t wait to see it! You’ll see a side of me you’ve never seen before for sure…(I’mma scurrrd!)

naughtyWigs are fun! (on the left: my on-screen hubby Garrett Carnahan; peeking between us: my awesome and go-to mua/fx gurrl Francia Cohen)

Below: Wrapped scene shenanigans with my scene partner Suzana Norberg and the Balestra Entertainment team (photo credit: Linda Skeens)


• I’ve participated in the annual 48 Hour Film Project twice before and I swore I’d never do it again because it’s so effin’ CRAZY! But, here I am, signed up again… When team leader Micah Minor asked me to join, it was a no-brainer. Half of his team was also on the crew for my own short film and I know what they can do! So, watch out for Team BadMF!


At the 48 Hour Film Project Meet & Greet. #TeamBadMF all the way!

• I finished the script for a horror short film, tentatively titled ‘The Stall’. I’m questioning my sanity as I’m debating making this my next film project.

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 10.25.20 AMThis one’s gory and will need lots of blood and guts and some damned good FX people!

• I was asked to be on a panel about ‘successfully crowdfunding your project’ at the Filmmaker and Actor Mixer (San Diego Film Consortium) last week.


It was fun talking about my experience running a campaign for my short film and hope that people got something out of it. Panel1

I still have my notes and might make it a separate blog. (I’m sitting between William Wall with whom I’ve worked before several times and moderator David Dawson.

• On a completely acting-unrelated note: This will be my 4th year displaying art at the SDCC Art Show!


It will run from July 8th through July 12th at the San Diego Convention Center, upstairs in the Sails Pavillion. There will be a silent auction. This time I will bring mostly mixed media paintings (watercolor and ink). If you were able to get tickets to Comic-Con (which is getting more and more difficult every year), make sure to stop by, maybe even make a bid! ;)

Ok, I think that’s it for now. Did I leave something out? No, I think that’s it. Till next time; and thanks for reading!