Things are brewing…

…and I’m still waiting for confirmations, details and other info, which means I won’t blog about them just yet. BUT, one thing I can share is this:

I got cast in a fun sci-fi comedy short film, “Still“, by Balestra Entertainment, written and directed by Patrick Russell Burton, yay!!!

Shooting is scheduled for later this month/beginning June. I get to play something a little out of character for me: a promiscuous housewife, ‘Stella’. . . Challenge accepted!


It’s funny, because I auditioned for two roles and didn’t think I did too well on the ‘Stella’ part, but the filmmakers saw it differently. Just goes to show you never know what happens in an audition. I always hear casting directors say to never give them what you think THEY want – just do what YOU would do! Do your own thing. And boy…I guess it worked. It was one of those auditions where you just have to leave ego, inhibition and dignity at the door. (In a fun way, not a degrading way, lol.)

I’m excited and can’t wait to meet the rest of the cast and crew! It’s nice to wear the actor’s hat again and give the director’s hat a little break…for now…(yup, working on that horror short script, but that’s another blog.)

That’s all for today, stay tuned for more exciting news soon!



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