We made “The Appointment”!

I’m over-the-moon happy and proud to announce that on Saturday, January 31, 2015 my short film ‘The Appointment‘ was officially completed!

I picked up the hard drive from my editor Peter Stoll (SDDI Video) and had him burn me the first few DVD’s for immediate use. There will be more, I just still had to create the DVD label and menu graphic, which I have done since. Even though the actual film shoot happened late last year, there was still quite a bit to be done, aka post production. The last few weeks were a collaboration between Peter and me, weeding out the edits until we had a picture lock. He fixed a few things ‘in post’, as they say, and made it all transition smoothly. Then he sent the footage to Stephen Mickelsen (Bad Cat Films), who is also co-producer on this short film, for the color grading.


While he was working on that, composer Steve Garbade worked on the soundtrack and sent me the files so we can figure out when to place the music at the beginning, in between and at the end. Once Peter got all the files back from Stephen and Steve (confused yet?), he put it all together and added the credits. What an absolutely awesome job, Peter, Stephen and Steve! Thank you, thank  you, THANK YOU! And here we are! Yaaay!


finishedThe moment we’ve been waiting for! Peter Stoll and me holding the loot!


It’s been an incredible experience from start to finish – from the moment I decided to make my own short film to my invaluable crew coming forward to assemble, to casting the actors, to running the successful Indiegogo campaign, to pre-production and rehearsals, to the long filming day itself, to post production and all the way to the finish line. What a trip! I still have to pinch myself to make sure it’s not all just a wishful dream. I can cross this off my bucket list. I wrote, produced, co-directed my own short film and acted in every scene in it. I believe in doing, not just talking about it! I did it. I made it happen. I created my own opportunity, damnit! If it leads to anything or not, nobody can ever take that experience from me. Don’t mind if I feel a little proud of that accomplishment. However, all this would have never been possible without my cast, crew and supporters like you! The work that goes into filming is crazy – the skills needed, gear and filming equipment….insane. I’m a lucky girl to have such supportive friends in the film community. To get a glimpse behind the curtain, I put together a little video:


I’m not sure I want to do it (making a movie) again, because it IS insanely all-consuming stuff and it did take away from me pursuing other acting roles last year. I want to focus on acting and being an actor again, but now I can say this: I understand the film-making process much better and hats off to anyone crazy enough to go through this from start to finish!

If you’re curious about the whole adventure of making my short film, I wrote a 10-part blog series as we went along, starting with the official announcement in May 2014 here.

The film might be done, but the work is never really finished. From now on, I’ll be submitting the film to various film festivals as they open their application periods throughout the year into next year. Crossing fingers!

 ffwhowillitbeWhich film festivals will it be? :)

The promised perks (mugs, signed scrips, posters, etc) for contributing to the Indiegogo campaign are almost all sent off and fulfilled, just a few left to take care of. (If you are one of the people who contributed, thank you again. You helped make this happen, too!) I’m designing the DVD cover as we speak; and I’m also working on the shopping list for the ‘cherry on top’: A screening party for my cast and crew, close friends and biggest supporters! It’s time to party a little bit! So far, only a handful of people have seen the finished film and I can’t wait to see everybody’s reactions (hopefully positive) when they see it for the first time.

Well, that’s it for now. Hopefully I will have announcements of film festival acceptances soon! You know I’ll post it here as soon as I find out. Stay tuned, and thanks for reading this long-ass post!




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