The quiet before…..THE appointment

Today is November 1st and Halloween is over. This marks the first time in years that I didn’t get dressed up and party for my favorite holiday, all because I’ve been consumed with my short film. But it’s a good thing. It’s a good kind of obsession!


A spoiler free sneak peek at the story board that I worked on yesterday.

It’s a quiet weekend (so far) and this is my chance to sit back, go over lists (again), and take advantage of the lull, because next week is gonna get insanely busy. This is why I’ve been trying to do everything that I can do NOW and this past week, to ease the onslaught later. With filmmaking, no matter how much you prepare and plan in pre-production, the real test is always the shoot itself and there are always surprises. I go from moments of giddy joy to absolute and sheer panic. Remember, this is my first time making my own short film… What did I get into? What was I thinking? I just want it to be an awesome experience for everybody involved and have something to show for after all is done. I couldn’t even dream of this happening without this top notch crew that has stepped up to the plate. There’s no way I could do this without their help and I still pinch myself when I look at the cast and crew list. Only one more reason to make sure they are well fed and taken care of.


Costco-run to price food for the cast and crew. I went ahead and got some of the snackage and non-perishables for now. Of course I plan on having a little wrap party after the shoot is over!

Besides assembling the crew and their gear, there are props and wardrobe to work out, legal forms to work on, countless emails and texts, location scouting for a backup to the backup location in case the primary location falls through. (Still waiting for confirmation and I’m trying not to panic). I’ve been waking up at 5 am a lot lately, not able to fall back asleep, lol!


At last week’s rehearsal we also had my co-director Jared Jacobsen film us and give us a third pair of eyes and some direction.

Of course I’ve been working on my character and her accent! She’s a tricky one, that one! We’ve had two very productive rehearsals with my co-star Mike Burnell, and now we feel ready to go! This best describes the process of developing our characters:


I can’t wait to say that about the whole short film, once the shoot is done!

Well, my phone just beeped, let the texting begin again! Wish us luck, send us your good vibes and positive energy, cause besides being incredibly excited…imma scurred! Stay tuned, and in the meanwhile I’m living vicariously through your Halloween photos on social media!


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