Official ‘The Appointment’ Poster!

It’s heeeere! We have our official poster, yay!

After a crazy search for the perfect high-back chair, picking it up from storage and transporting it across town on one of the hottest days of the year, we could finally commence the photo shoot! A big THANK YOU to my awesome friend and costar from ‘The Immortal Edward Lumley’ and puppeteer for ‘Zero’, Stephen Terrones, for providing us with the chair!

The photo shoot was done at the studio of our brilliant FX/MUA Francia Cohen, who I met when she did me up as the ‘Stitch Witch’ for ‘The Immortal Edward Lumley’. A huge THANK YOU to her for providing us with the space and backdrop, the props, and of course the great makeup and hair! AND let’s not forget the cat! Yup, that cute little furball was supposed to sit in my lap, but all the cat-wrangling in the world and bribing her with ham was futile… Kitty said nope! We still managed to have her in the poster, though ;)

After the photo shoot, I whittled down the choices to the best few photos, selected the ‘winner’, did some photoshop magic and added the names, title and our tagline. Voila! Without further ado, here it is!



Meet ‘Paul’ and ‘Alex’. What is she holding in her hand? Hmm…


What else is new? Well, yesterday my costar Mike Burnell and I finished filming some video footage for our kickstarter Indiegogo campaign…of course, silliness ensued, but we got it in the can. Once I figure out how to edit it all together, you will be subjected to the video soon enough. Stay tuned!




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