San Diego Comic-Con 2014 updates (Art Show and ‘Zero’)

San Diego Comic-Con is just around the corner and I wanted to write this blog quickly before I dive into my annual Nerdvana, wo0t! What do I mean by Nerdvana? Here’s my blog from last year: My Yearly Escape aka: Nerd Christmas

First up, some of you already know and some of you may be new to my blog and not be aware yet – I will have 8 of my paintings (4 acrylics, 1 ink & watercolor, 1 pencil drawing) up for display and auction at the San Diego Comic-Con Art Show all 5 days from Wednesday, July 23rd thru Sunday, July 27th. The Art Show is in the San Diego Convention Center upstairs in the Sails Pavillion. If you have a badge for any of the days, please do stop by and check it out – lots of really cool stuff by other artists as well!


Little teaser of one of my paintings ;)


Then, on an somewhat acting related note (well, more like…voice-over improv)…There will be a screening of the award winning short film Zero’ (produced, written and directed by the incredible William Wall) at the Comic-Con International Independent Film Festival 2014! Yaaay! You may remember me writing about him before when I played the ‘Stitch Witch’ in his legen . . . waitforit . . . dary feature film ‘The Immortal Edward Lumley‘. Anyhoo, when Will made Zero, he called my fellow ‘Lumley’ costar Mike Burnell and me in to record some voice over improv. We didn’t know what to expect, but when Mr. Wall calls you and asks you to be in his project, you just say ‘yes’! No questions asked, it’s as simple as that. And of course, we had a blast! Will did his magic and voila – ‘Zero‘ has been in all kinds of film festivals already. (You can hear our goofy stuff near the end of the film, btw). So, here’s the screening info:

Saturday, July 25th,  7:20pm – 7:45pm at Marriott Hall 2, Marriott Marquis & Marina, right next to the convention center. Here’s what the SDCC website says: (or click here for the link)

“Zero is a small android who leaves his home planet just before it is destroyed and discovers Earth in 1918. He leaves Earth in 1939, sensing a negative change in our culture. He returns to Earth 74 years later, only to find how things have changed. Panelists include director William Wall (The Immortal Edward Lumley) and Steve Terrones (co-producer & puppeteer).”
I can’t wait to see it again and support Zero at Comic Con!!! Hope to see you there, too!



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