‘The Appointment’ short film update

It’s already been a month since my last blog announcing that my short film ‘The Appointment‘ is officially in development. There isn’t a huge deal to write about yet, but some behind the scenes stuff has been happening already.

I’ve had the first table-read with my co-star Mike Burnell and it went really well. Of course some minor dialog had to be tweaked again, but that was expected. I think the story is tight and I don’t want to mess with it anymore. I’m following my gut about the script at this point and it feels right.

I’ve started looking for possible crew and went to this month’s SD Filmmaker Network meeting to put the word out about my short film. I’ve also added it as a project to Filmkin.com and plan on using more sites like it.

My biggest challenge has been finding the location. This is a tough one because I’m looking for an expensive type of place, a mansion or villa. The outside/exterior is not that important since it would only used as an establishing shot, but the inside has a few must haves: A double door leading into a sitting room/library type area that has another door that could lead to an ‘office’. The interior of THAT office would not be shown, so if it’s really a bedroom, it’s no big deal. I’ve done some digging online to find some examples. Here are some (click for enlarged pic):


If there is another set of (interior) double doors leading to a room like these below, I’d kiss you:


As you can see, they all have a ‘dark’ design, so I want to avoid lots of windows or really bright interiors. My vision is to add lots of lush plant life. I like the library look as well. The idea is ‘luxurious‘, elegant, cultured. Artwork on the walls or in shelves a big plus. I don’t need a big table and a lot of chairs/sofa seats. Actually – one leather couch and a small coffee table would be perfect.

Of course I’m looking into getting insurance for the film shoot, especially when dealing with such a fancy place, believe me, lol! Any companies you can recommend?

I also worked on an image to represent ‘The Appointment’ on Facebook and other social media, and eventually for the Kickstarter campaign and poster. I might do another poster version with our (Mike and mine) mugs on it, but I need to set up a photo shoot for that and it won’t happen until we have nailed down our character’s final looks. Like I said, the film shoot isn’t until the fall. Speaking of – lots of people are super busy in October and with Halloween and such, I’m considering moving the film shoot to the weekends of November 8th/9th and 15th/16th for possible pick up shots. I’m about 90% sure that I’ll use the November dates, but if I keep the October dates as a ‘deadline’ in my head, I’m hoping to stay on track with pre-production. Stuff always comes up. I’ve seen it too many times.

Here are two versions of the image. I used one of my own paintings, photoshopped it and voila (click for larger version):










I can’t decide yet which tagline I like better…same with the fonts. Sigh. Decisions, decisions!

Also, about the Kickstarter campaign…what kind of perks would be a good idea? It seems most of the projects I’ve looked at offer a ‘thank you’ in the end credits, signed posters, dvd’s and such. I’m also thinking a visit to the film set during the shoot for the higher donations or maybe props from the set…hmmm.. I still have to do some figuring on that one. Any suggestions besides the mentioned ideas?

Ok, phew! What else…I think that’s it for now.

If you have any ideas, suggestions or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Want to help or get involved? CONTACT ME, lol! I need all the help I can get! Please email me at email@piathrasher.com

Feel free to share this post with people who might want to get involved, too! Thank you and ‘see’ you next time!




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