The Appointment is set…

I’m doing it. I finally got enough nerve/craziness in me to do it. I’m scared, giddy, excited…and terrified at the same time!

I’m gonna produce and direct my own short film!


There. I said it….publicly. Now I really have to do it because ya’ll hold me to it, right?

It’s a short film titled ‘The Appointment‘. It’s only 7 pages, the genre is dark comedy (there will be blood, oh yeah!). One location. Four actors. As of right now, the project is officially in development. Yay!


Yaaaaay! I can do it, damnit! I’ve done enough work (either paid  or volunteered) for so many indie film projects besides acting, either as a PA, editor, set photographer, 2nd camera, script supervisor, casting director, location scout, wardrobe, makeup, continuity, etc that I feel ready. Yes, I’m ready!

I got tired of waiting for the right role for me. I wanted to create a role for myself that really showcases my type, my brand, as it is called in the ‘industry’. A few years ago I was assigned a scene in my acting class and got to play a character that felt so ‘right’ and was so much fun to delve into that it always stayed in the back of my head.  I would tell myself, “That’s the kind of role I need”. Even my acting teacher agreed, telling me how some roles just click with an actor and that one certainly did.

Problem is, after all this time, I never got to play that role for a real acting gig. I came close with ‘Penance‘, but I wanted a little more dark humor added to it. I always had a rough outline and idea for a script, but just couldn’t make it work. Then one morning, right after waking up, it just hit me. Before I even got out of bed, I scrambled to gather my notepad and pen, and jotted down everything. It all just came tumbling out of my brain. Later I typed it up while I could still read and remember my chicken scratch.  After a few weeks I did some editing and finally polished it up.

And here we are. Today I’ll have a table read of the script with my acting buddy Mike Burnell (who I already cast, of course. I mean, I did write his role with him in mind while I was at it. ;)  It will give us a chance to hear it out loud and see how it feels and what needs to be tweaked. We’ll voice the parts of the other two  (supporting) actors for now. Once those two roles are cast, I plan on doing another, final table read before the actual film shoot, scheduled for October. I got a lot of things to plan first. The list of ‘to do’s’ is already staggering, yikes! In the meantime, do you know of any mansions or villas in the San Diego area that I can use as a location for a weekend or two? You’ll get a ‘location scout’ credit on imdb ;)

I also thought it might be interesting to blog about this whole process. From development to pre-production, to the actual filming and post production, and then to (hopefully) film festival acceptances and wins! (visualizing it right now..)

Want to help? Got questions? Please email me at

Until next time – stay tuned!




7 thoughts on “The Appointment is set…

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  2. I fiiiinally sat me on my butt to read your latest blogs, which I have marked as “unread” in my email inbox (for so long now, shame on me). So now … Well, this sounds so exciting, I believe, that this is going to be great and so much fun to do this! Imo the whole movie thing is soooo interesting and exciting, I’d looove to be a part of it (make-up?), but unfortunately there’s a huge sea between us. :(
    I can’t wait to see the process of becoming! (I have no idea if this is the right expression in English, I’m sorry …) ;)

    • The whole thing is exciting and scary, but you know me…I can’t help it! Taking risks has always been part of my life ;)
      You know I’d love to have you as my makeup artist in a heartbeat! Your skills are amazing :) Lucky for me, I also know a really good one here in SD and she’s excited to be on board too. Thanks for reading!

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