Spring Update

Hi all! I just realized I haven’t written a blog on this site for the last 5 months! Holy crap, time flies! That’s probably the longest gap in between posts since I started it. I think it’s high time I write an update on my latest doings and such. So, this is what’s new..

…on the Acting front:

• I worked on the upcoming horror movie ‘Penance‘ (dir. Dante Moran, Inferno Productionz), actually for its Kickstarter campaign. I’ve been cast as a man-eating, pant suit-wearing, tough bitch detective; and I can’t remember last time I had so much fun playing a character. We rehearsed one of our scenes (it included two more actors) on two different days and then filmed it in one late evening. Oh, I SO want to do more of that type of character! I loved it and can’t wait to return to being ‘Helena Gruber’! Didn’t know I had it in me, haha! This is one of those times that rehearsal really brought that out.

Just last week we did a photoshoot in support of the Kickstarter campaign and the movie’s (upcoming) website. Bonus: I got to pose in all these ‘action’ positions, making me feel like a badass!


Get ready to hear more about this project and I’ll post about it again once the campaign starts. This is a fun one with lots of great talent and loads of enthusiasm!

Other Acting-Related News:

• ‘Zero‘ (dir. William Wall, Halo Cinematic), a short film for which I recently did some voice-over work, has been entered into several film festivals and has already started winning awards! It swept the San Diego Film Awards and will be screened at the Sci-Fi-London Film Festival on April 27th.

• ‘Ghostline‘, a feature film in which I play ghosthunter Marina Hoffman, is still in post production. Last I heard was that “picture is locked and they have moved on to music and sound”. It is still expected to premiere this year, as far as I know. Again, stay tuned! In the meantime, you can view trailer, cast info and such on the movie website here.

• In between, during the last few weeks, my awesome agent also got me some local TV commercial gigs that are now airing.


  •          •          •

..on the Writing front:

• Still working on my novel and finished chapter three. This one’s gonna take a while. At this rate, it’ll take another year at least…but at least I’m making progress again after a lengthy pause to focus on film projects.

• Wrote an outline for a horror short. Gonna be a gory one, yay! Next up: actually writing the script for it.

• Polishing up my script for a short film (genre: dark humor), starring yours truly and my acting buddy Mike Burnell. My goal is to produce and direct it by the fall of this year. I will be looking for crew and supporting actors soon.

• I finally registered with goodreads.com – a great social networking website for readers and writers alike! My profile is here. Are you registered? Let’s be friends and  compare booknotes!


 •          •          •


…on the Painting front:

• I started a ‘self-imposed’ challenge that I call ‘daily doodle in 30 minutes or less’. The commitment is for 66 days and I have to create something on paper every day. Be it charcoal, watercolor, pencil, ink, mixed media – whatever hits the spot. There’s a longer story behind it and it has to do with creating a new habit, but that might become another post, possibly after the 66 days have passed. I’m also still debating if I want to post the art pieces on Etsy or some other public domain, since they have garnered some interest on my private Facebook page, where I post the painting/drawing result every day. (Also on Instagram, btw.)


Some of my ‘daily doodles’

• I’m almost finished with my paintings for this year’s Art Show at San Diego Comic Con in July. Those pieces will be mostly acrylics.


  •          •          •


…and last but not least, on the Photography front:

I’ve never mentioned it here before, but I think it’s time…I have a secret…

I run a whole other blog, about my photography, which I have gotten more serious about lately. Well, you know me – I love the visual arts…I can’t help myself. I’d love it if you gave it a click and maybe even ‘follow’ my posts there! ;)



So, you see – I haven’t exactly been sitting around and twiddling my thumbs. Three cheers to productivity, yay! Thanks for reading and thanks for your interest! Have a fantastic day!





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