Feelin’ the Improv Itch

Just recently I thought about doing something, ANYTHING, with some friends to re-awaken that improv muscle. My friend Christine’s ears must have been burning because she contacted me out of the blue to ask me if I wanted to take part in her next improv sketch shoot. No concept yet, no script – just a bunch of crazy actor friends and a tiny crew. We’ve done projects together before (one of which was this silly video) and it was such a blast that I immediately said yes, of course! The timing couldn’t have been more perfect!

So, a day was scheduled, a location picked and 3 rough concepts laid out for the improv shoot. We spent about an hour warming up with some mental and physical improv exercises and off we went!


3 Sketch Scenes + 6 Actors + 3 Crew + 3 Wardrobe Changes

= Let the Mayhem begin!









No actors or crew were harmed during the shoot. All good!

Let the editing begin – stay tuned for the finished clips!


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