I’m not a Dummy!

At least I think that’s the title of the short film in which I got to play a hard-working waitress and mom. It was a spontaneous and last minute casting for me. I saw a Facebook post by my friend Jodi Cilley, who is the lead instructor of the video and editing professional certificate at UC San Diego Extension. She has trained students for almost 10 years through the Teen Producers Project, a program from the Media Arts Center San Diego that teaches teenagers the art and technical side of film and journalism as they make original films about community issues. Those teens are working on a new project and they were looking for some actors. Her post mentioned something about working with puppets…and that’s all I needed to hear, err, read!

Puppets? Why yes, I’d love to work with puppets! My role was small and without dialogue, but I just couldn’t resist, plus I was helping a friend, which made me feel good on top of it. The puppet played my ‘son’ in the film; and it only took about an hour for him to turn into a bratty little diva. Tension on the set escalated quickly:

Working with puppets…and he's already a diva!

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However, we settled our differences and gave each other enough personal space to make things work. We even managed to pose for a family portrait which also included my film daughter.


What a lovely family!

All in all, I would work with puppets again in a heartbeat, seriously! I never thought I would love it THAT much, it was just too much fun. Also, the kid who played and voiced the puppet, Zachary Crook, has some serious skills and puts on his own shows at the Mary Hitchcock Puppet Theater every year.

I can’t wait to see the finished film AND the outtakes (if they keep them, hopefully). Jodi and her students expect to have it ready for our enjoyment by end of September. Stay tuned!

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