Oh, lazy daze of summer!

Aaahh, but just in time for Comic Con! It looks like right now I’m in the ‘famine’ part of my acting life, having just feasted on two back to back feature films. First up was ‘Slingers’, directed by David Ruiz (Reesie Productions), a PG family film, for once. Nobody gets killed and there are no monsters! It was refreshing to play a part outside of my typical genres. Yes, I acted with a whole bunch of kids! *Gasp* And they didn’t run away screaming either! I play investigative journalist Tina Monroe, who uncovers betrayal, scandal and corruption in a kids’ sports league. It was a really fun role to play and I really enjoyed my character’s arch. This is my 3rd time working with David, so being around him was like riding a bike (errr..did I say that right?) We still have to do a few pick-up shots but the production is definitely in the home stretch, so to speak. I will have links and more info as soon as they are updated.


At the table read for ‘The Slingers’ – look at all these shiny, happy faces! Great cast!


Director David Ruiz giving me some direction on the set of ‘The Slingers’.

Then right after ‘The Slingers’, I played paranormal investigator Marina Hoffman in the horror feature ‘Ghostline‘, (dir. Dean Whitney/Undaunted Films). I’m not sure how much I’m allowed to reveal about it, but I can share the official Ghostline Facebook Page and link to imdb for now. Stay tuned!


Having a moment on the set of ‘Ghostline’ with my fab MUA/FX artist Francia Cohen (left) and sweet actress Rachel Alig (center)

So, what’s next? I have NO idea! I’m looking for my next gig, that’s what I DO know! It’s ok, I can use a little breather; and like I mentioned in the beginning, it’s almost time for the 2013 San Diego Comic Con!!! Where I’m proud to say, I’ll be displaying some of my paintings in the Art Show again. Yaaaay – so excited! Last year, I sold two of my acrylic paintings. Let’s hope I can do a repeat or even better!

It’s supposed to be another record-setting hot day here in California and I can feel the room temperature rising as I’m typing this. I think it’s time for a refreshing drink, no? Happy weekend and stay cool, ya’ll!

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