Look, Ma, I’m on TV!

And it’s not ‘just’ a local commercial this time ;)

Remember how I said, I’d rather talk about projects AFTER they’re finished? Well, something I worked on back in November 2012 will air on cable TV end of this month and I couldn’t be more excited!!! I played a small part as a District Attorney for the crime re-enactment tv series ‘Dead of Night‘. The episode is recounting a real murder case that took place in San Diego a while back. This is the episode description from the Investigation Discovery website:

“When David Stevens is found brutally murdered and his car set ablaze in San Diego no one can figure out who did it. On a mirrored headboard in his apartment, investigators find a woman’s fingerprints. Could David’s mystery visitor be behind his death?”

So, SAVE THE DATE! This Tuesday, April 30th at 10PM, Investigation Discovery will be airing episode ‘Char-Cold Killer’ of its TV series: ‘Dead of Night’ I’ll be appearing in the role of District Attorney Chandra Appell.

If you can’t catch it that night, the channel will air the 1 hour episode again – click here for the schedule. If you don’t know what channel it is on in your area, you can easily look it up here.


Thanks for watching!


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