Back to back

For the first time ever, I’ve been cast in two feature films scheduled to shoot back to back in the next few months (yay!).. but because I’m superstitious, I won’t talk much about them here, yet. However, if you follow my Twitter or Facebook accounts, you’ve probably already figured it out.

I prefer to talk or write about things once they have been DONE :)

So, what have I been up to the last few weeks? I filmed three, yes THREE, short films back to back! They’re all in editing or post production right now, so I don’t have much to show or link to yet, but I will as soon as I can. Here’s a little info for now:

First up was ‘Bad Decision‘ (dir. Brian LaValle) – a crime caper in which I have a small role as an angry tenant. I’m not sure if there will even be enough footage for my reel, but I did it as a favor for some filmmaker friends and because they’re fun peeps. This also marks the first time I made myself gag in a certain scene. Yes, it was THAT gross, I almost puked. You’ll see, mwuahaha. Most realistic prop I’ve seen in a while. We had some fun with it for sure!

All Night‘ (dir. Sanns Dixon/Screendynamics Entertainment) – a suspense/thriller short in which I play a phone operator, set in the 80’s. I dug out some old wardrobe for this one and got to know really cool people, too. I still have to record my end of a phone conversation, but other than that, I think they’re almost done. Can’t wait to see it! I walked in thinking it was a really ‘simple’ role, but it turned out quite technical when it came to the blocking (a term used for stage and film acting, describing a series of movements and reactions that include exact placement, props, and dialogue in a timed sequence within a scene for the benefit of well-framed camera shots. Phew!). It was challenging but I totally dug it! Great ‘workout’ and experience addition!

Scratch‘ (dir. Brad Bruce) – a horror short in which I play a frustrated mom dealing with a teenage daughter and wimpy husband. It was a small role too, but really fun to play. Mad props to the director for being flexible with us actors and letting us be creative! I have a funny feeling there might be an ‘outtakes’ reel. Horror film peeps are the most fun to shoot with, I swear! I loved the script, too. It’s got some complicated SFX, so it might still take a while till we get to see anything.

Oh, one of my three character above gets whacked . . . Can you guess which one? You’d be surprised ;)

Funny thing is, after I was done with the three short films, I didn’t have anything lined up til the start of May. I lamented to my best acting buddy Mike about the whole ‘feast or famine’ thing and resolved (or should I say ‘made lemonade out of lemons’) to use the in-between time to continue with my other artistic endeavors. Well, lo and behold, out of the friggin’ blue, a director, with whom I had worked on two features a few years ago, offered me a role in his new one without needing to audition (actors love hearing that from directors) *SWOON!*. Of course I said yes (before I even finished reading the script – at this point, I trust him. I would totally let him guard my stash of chocolates). So, yay! Then I realized I had three weeks to get back into acting shape after fighting some stubborn cold/throat bug for about 15 days AND memorize a shitload of dialogue for way more scenes than I had anticipated. Be careful what you wish for!



Well then, excuse me…I gots some memorizing to do!

Toodles! Thanks for stopping by and reading! :D

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