Loose paper, a target on the wall and a chair

What’s the craziest audition you’ve ever had to do? Here’s a blog just for fun this time ;)

Tell me about your wacky audition in the comments below! Did you have a crazy scene partner? Did you have a wardrobe malfunction? Did you get creeped out? Did something insane happen? I wanna hear! Let’s have some fun with this!

Most of my auditions so far have been relatively normal, but there was one several years ago, that was really weird, but fun. It was an audition for a short film (in Los Angeles). The guy, who was the director himself, led me into a small room with a two chairs. He sat in one of them and asked me to sit in the other chair, facing him. He pointed to a stack of copy paper under my chair and a hand-drawn, poster-sized target on the wall behind him; and then he proceeded to explain the audition. He wanted me to tell a story, any story – real or made up. While doing so, he wanted me to grab a sheet of paper under my chair, crumble it up and throw it at the target behind him. Repeat as many times as possible while telling my story.

Okaaaay! So I took a deep breath, thought about it for a second, told a true story and tossed crumbled paper at a target on the wall. We had a laugh. We said bye and I left. (And I got the part on the spot, btw!). I’ll never forget it, that’s for damn sure! :)

Your turn! Tell me about your weirdest audition!


2 thoughts on “Loose paper, a target on the wall and a chair

  1. I didn’t have time to drop my dog off at home before the audition, but she seemed to be in a mellow mood, so I brought her along. Of course, she followed me onstage, when it was my turn to read. Then when the other actor approached me, in the scene, Bizkit barked at him and forced him to withdraw in haste. I didn’t get the part. Only comment from the director was, “We like the dog.”

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