Stop! Just stop it.

What the f#@k is wrong with everybody? What’s with the vitriol and hate out there?

I’ve been holding my tongue, but after reading social media over the last few days, especially after the broadcast of the Oscars, I can’t take it anymore.
All the hate geared towards Anne Hathaway (for her ‘nipple dress’, her acceptance speech), Jennifer Lawrence (for her middle finger, accused of faking her fall on the stage stairs), Kristen Stewart (for just about anything she does at this point), Rihanna (for her relationship choices), and yes, even Seth MacFarlane (for being Seth MacFarlane) and on and on! Try walking a day in their shoes. You don’t know what’s going on in their PRIVATE lives, if there’s any left of it. Get OVER your jaded, sarcastic and jealous selves!

I actually know a young actress who is afraid of being successful because of what her family and friends might say to her, how they might tease her, and how they might accuse her of being ‘stuck up’ when she ‘hits it big’. Can you blame her for thinking such sad thoughts? What do you expect little girls and boys, YOUR KIDS, to think when they see ‘grown-ups’ act that way?
Men! Are you so damn insecure in your ‘manhood’ that you have to tear down and belittle successful and strong women? Be a real man and respect them for their achievements – like you’d expect to be respected when you’re successful!
And women! Shame on you for tearing down your own kind! Your insecurity and envy only fuels those weak men!
People, why can’t you be happy and revel in the joy of somebody having their big moment? Why can’t you let their success be inspiration and motivation for your own? Live through them vicariously, get a taste of it, visualize it – because it may never happen to you and when or if it does, be assured, you’d want to share it with everybody, too! Because, just like failure, success doesn’t last forever.
I’m not innocent in this either, and I’ve certainly had my ‘snarky’ and hateful moments. This behavior isn’t contributing ANYTHING positive to this world. Toxic and poisonous thoughts, words and behavior not only hurt others, but yourself as well.
Grow up. Stop the hate, people! I’m starting with myself, and I hope so will you.


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