Get this man an agent!

I met him back in 2007, when we spent several weeks filming SDSU grad film “Reagan’s Wharf” around the San Diego Harbor and out on the water. He played my mean boyfriend who wound up getting me killed, because he was dealing with some shady people. We instantly clicked. Well, he really had me at “Want some chocolate?” on the first shoot day. We spent many hours on rocky boats sharing stories and yes, we even got seasick at the same time. We also figured out we both worked on a student short called “Office” in 2005, but never shared a scene or met each other back then. I’m talking about awesome actor Mike Burnell.


Yours truly and Mike Burnell receiving blocking instructions from director Brian Ott on the set of ‘Reagan’s Wharf”

After ‘Reagan’s Wharf” was finished, we stayed in touch, but only occasionally. Then we met again at the table read for the short film “The Betty River Murder”. We cracked up laughing, pointing fingers at each other: “You again!”. This time I got to return the ‘favor’ and my character got to whack his.

We didn’t know it then, but we would wind up in the same film projects so many times, it became a running joke: “If you cast her you have to cast Mike Burnell as well…” (or vice versa.) We wound up becoming good friends off the set too. I got his back, he’s got mine.

Then came “Seizures“, then “City 7” (he dies in it, I’m presumed dead), then “Haven in the Hills” (we both die), then “Body Bag” (he dies) and then the amazing full length feature film “The Immortal Edward Lumley“.


Mike Burnell as the ‘Unclean One’ in “The Immortal Edward Lumley”

Mike is such a joy to work with because he’s super talented, very dedicated, always reliable, always prepared and most of all: NO EGO! He’s the most humble dude and has a great and twisted sense of humor. He can play roles from intense, scary and dark all the way to the silliest goofball. Gotta love a guy who doesn’t take himself too damn seriously!

We just finished shooting a scene together in the short film “Bad Decision” and are both cast in two more upcoming film projects: “All Night” (short film) and the feature film “Ghostline“, which is scheduled to shoot in May this year. Of course Mike has plenty more projects I’m not part of!

The other day Mike and I were wondering how many film projects we both were in together by now – because we lost count. Then something else hit me and it inspired me to write this blog. What is it, you ask? Unbelievably, he’s not represented by an agent, yet. Iknowrite? Have you seen his IMDb list? Dude’s got experience! He’s a rising star! If you are an agent reading this…better go get him before another agent snatches him up! Ya hear me? I gave you fair warning. Just sayin’ ;)

Oh yeah, here’s his demo reel! Talk about versatile!

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