On another note…

This is completely unrelated to my acting stuff, but I’m so excited about this I created a new ”Totally Unrelated” category for my blog, haha!

I’m in the middle of finishing up final touches and preparing some of my artwork that will be displayed for auction at the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con Art Show. If you’re familiar with the San Diego convention center, the Art Show always takes place right under the ‘sails’ on the upper floor. I got the notification a few weeks ago that my art was accepted and it only NOW feels real to me.

My art at Comic-Con, aaaahhhhhh! Still can’t believe it!!! It’s a nerd dream come true!

It’s funny, the original reason I even submitted my artwork was in the hopes of obtaining a hard-to-get SDCC Badge for all 5 days (including preview night). Not so – all you get is a pass that will allow you to get in and hang your art. So, being a huge SDCC nerd for years, I still had to submit my application for a ‘Pro’-Badge since my 3 years were up and I had to re-qualify my credentials. This time I got it based on my acting work instead of my gaming work at SOE a few years back. Phew! But I digress.

If you’re one of the people who managed to get a hold of a San Diego Comic-Con badge, then swing by the Art Show anytime between Wednesday night and Sunday evening (July 11 – 15th) and check out my drawings and paintings. Maybe even bid on a piece? All guaranteed original acrylics, inks and watercolors by yours truly! I have 9 pieces ready and hope I can make them all fit on the 4’x4′ panel.

(Front of my card. The back tells you where to find my display at SDCC)

All that is left for me to do is add labels to the back of each piece and they’re ready to go! Now I only hope that the business cards that I ordered just for this event will arrive in time! If you can’t go, but are interested in checking out some of my creations, please visit my website here.


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