Fairies and Monsters

I wasn’t going to get involved in the 48hr Film Project again this year, but got I sucked back in by my friend and filmmaker Mike Brown, who formed his team ‘Boobs and Zombies’. For those not familiar with the competition: Once a team is formed, it has 48 hours to write, cast, film, edit and score a 7 minute short film. It all starts on a Friday evening where the team leaders gather at a official 48hr meeting place to find out which genre their film has to be via a lottery. Every year there is also a prop, a dialogue line and a character required to be somehow included in each film entry. This year the prop was a cellphone, the required line was ‘Where are we going?‘ and the character was a TV News Person (male or female) named Gary or Gretta Greenberg. The film has to be dropped off by the same meeting place by Sunday night or it doesn’t qualify for the competition.

Our genre was Fantasy; and with Mike Brown as the team leader and Eric Fox as the FX artist, we just knew there would be a horror element somewhere, somehow! I played the camera woman who is teamed up with the TV news person, played by Robert Ozeran. I really wanted her to be a little different and weird, so I asked for my hair to be done up crazy, which hair and makeup artist Sharaya Daniels nailed perfectly. It worked, cause I scared myself every time I walked by a mirror or window. I wanted her to look unconventional and ‘tough’, because deep down she’s just a little chickenshit and I thought that combination would make her a funny character, hopefully ;)

Without further ado – here’s ‘Calls from Zornakoff‘!

Last week my friend and San Diego Horror Guru Miguel Rodriguez asked me if I wanted to record some German dialogue from the Grimm fairy tale ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ for the intro of his 2 Year anniversary podcast ‘Monster Island Resort‘. Why, yes, of course, it’d be an honor! It was hard not to snicker when doing the voice of both the little girl and the big bad wolf. Oh my, what big hands you have! Check it out  and listen here!

Thanks, Miguel – it was really fun letting my inner girly and wolf come out and play!

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