“Villains!” (pt. 2)

Continued from “Villains!” (pt. 1)


A little over a week ago, I played a pill-popping, beer drinking, white trash ‘mom’ who sits on the couch and watches TV all day. She’s verbally abusive to her daughter and married to an equally abusive asshole husband. Once again, I got to act with my actor bff Mike Burnell, which made this even more fun and giggle inducing. It’s a short horror flick for a competition and we finished shooting it in one long day. I love being on horror film sets – it’s almost better than Halloween, my favorite holiday. At one point I had fake movie blood running from the top of my head all the way down my body, under my shirt and pants, seeping into my bra and panties. Since I was positioned sitting on the couch, all the blood pooled… well.. down there…  THAT was an interesting sensation, to put it mildly. Heyyoh! Once my scenes were wrapped, there was only one bathroom available and I wound up having to strip half naked trying to clean myself up enough to get into some clean clothes. The location was the home of a bunch of skater boys who share the rent…that should tell you volumes… Soap? What’s that? The challenge here was the fact that the bathroom had no blinds in the window and it was night time…and there was a big hotel high rise across the street. I crouched below the window next to the toilet (oh, the glamor) as much as I could to cover my lower half and put some jeans on, but when I cleaned myself at the sink I had little choice but being in view. Here I was, scrubbing blood off my face, neck and hands while in my bra, praying that nobody would see me and call the cops to report me as some grisly murder suspect…or even worse, film it all on a cellphone camera! That reminds me, I better check YouTube.

We were also working with child actors and to my greatest shock and surprise, they did not flee from me in terror when we were first introduced. Huh! By the end of the shoot day, we had massive tickling fights and silly photos of us covered in blood. Did I mention that I love working on horror flicks?

My character ‘Debbie’ with her sweetheart ‘Hank’ (Mike Burnell) – don’t we make a lovely couple?

Haven in the Hills‘ also stars Mel Murphy, Lily F. and Julian C., produced and co-directed by Mike Brown and Eric Fox. This was my 3rd time working with Mike and also 3rd time working with Eric. Those two together on the set…match made in heaven. Oh the horror, the humanity…err,  I mean, hilarity! We all decided to do this short right after working together and having a blast for the 48hr Film Project entry “Calls from Zornakoff” which was filmed just 3 weeks prior.



A few nights ago, I finally got to see ‘Zombie Man‘ (by Solar Light Films) at a private screening. It’s a zombie short film I played in a little over a year ago, as a zombie. It kind of counts as a villain, more of an involuntary villain, but it still counts right? I had almost given up hope about it getting finished, but boy, was I ever wrong! I knew it was a ‘different’ kind of zombie flick, not so much focused on gore and horror (don’t worry, it still does have some gory awesome makeup and FX), but it also had a warm and touching story to tell. I won’t tell you much more to not spoil it for the festival screenings (which I’m sure there will be plenty! I promise to keep you updated on that!). I loved it and was surprised at the humor and sweetness of the story. Great stuff totally worth the wait!

Shambling around the set of ‘Zombie Man’

It was also fun to see some behind-the-scenes footage and photos during the screening which will be on the DVD as well. I’m biased, though, because I was one of several micro producers filming interviews and taking on-set photos. I can’t believe it’s been a year and it was wonderful seeing the cast and crew of ‘Zombie Man’ again. It makes it all so worthwhile, to celebrate with your peers when a project is finished, when you have a gathering, food and drinks and tell ‘war’ stories or other tall tales of movie making.

This concludes my two part blog about playing the ‘bad girl’. Here’s to many more parts like this – cheers!

Yay for villains!!!


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