“Villains!” (pt. 1)

Seems like 2012 is turning out to be the year of playing ‘villains’ for me!

I put villains in quotation marks, because… well, they’re not always ‘bad’. Wait, what? What do I mean?

Well, sometimes they are characters, entities or creatures that just have … ISSUES! I’ve been cast to play the ‘bad girl’, in some fashion or other, several times so far this year, starting in January with a short film called ‘Healer’.


In this moody short film, produced by and starring Robert Ozeran, I play a kind of spirit with some serious anger management issues. Apparently my character was strangled to death in her former life and she hasn’t quite gotten over that. When we rehearsed one of the creepier scenes, it was such an eye-opener for me as an actress, and I wound up having much more fun with it than I ever could have anticipated. I tasted blood, so to speak. Now I want MOARRRR!

Nice bruise job thanks to awesome MUA Afton Adams! We’ve worked together on another film set before and…well.. by now we have a certain rapport, as evident in the photo below.

‘Healer’ is the short film that got me my SAG eligibility and is currently in post production. I can’t tell you much more about it without giving away too much. You can be sure I’ll let ya’ll know when it’s ready for a screening ;)

Then came


I’ve previously blogged about helping out on the set of friends’ films doing crew work, and this film is one of them. I was hanging around, taking on-set photographs and assisting wherever I could be of use when the director asked me if I could stand in as the ‘needle creature’ while they were setting up lights and blocking.

Long story short, after doing exactly that, I wound up playing the part because the actress, who was initially cast to play the role, had a family emergency (which turned out all good later, thankfully) and couldn’t be on the set. Not the way I would want to ‘land’ a part, but I was happy to oblige, of course. My part is done, but the film is still in production. Stay tuned!

I LOVE playing villains. And it gets better! Part 2 of ‘Villains’ coming up soon.

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