It’s been a few weeks since I’ve written a blog, mostly because March was an insane month; but also because I decided from now on to only post about events AFTER they’ve happened. Feels less ‘jinxy’. . . know what I mean?

March was a blur of insanity – from my husband’s (scheduled) neck surgery and subsequent recovery to the first team meetings and planning for the 2nd German Film Festival, then me catching a nasty bug, then working as script supervisor for a week on a short horror film ‘The Body Bag‘, to then finally finding the time to look for a new place to move to (with 5 days to spare), to finding an apartment, packing and moving by April 1st and having my car in the repair shop at the same time! It was exhausting just writing this last paragraph, lol!

Amidst all that craziness,

one thing happened in March that made me stop in my tracks,

take pause and savor the moment with a lil’ tear of happiness in my eye:

I became SAG eligible!

How did it happen? I got ‘Taft-Hartleyed’. Back in January I played a principal role in a short horror film ‘Healer‘ (now in post-production), produced by Robert Ozeran, written and directed by Nicolas Simonin. We all worked together on another project before (‘Vincent’ – now called ‘Seizures‘- it’s going to the CANNES 2012 film festival! I just found out while writing this!!!) and reunited for this film. It was a quick, intense and fun film shoot in which I played a crazy, vengeful spirit tormenting the protagonist. So I became SAG-E. Just like that. I’ve been at this acting thing for a while now and it is about time! Time to also update my resume again :)

A big time, huge THANK YOU to Robert (for the Taft-Hartley) and Nicolas (for casting me)! I love you guys! See you on the red carpet!

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