Last weekend I had the chance to help out on a horror short film that some of my friends are working on. The actors had been cast months ago, so I pitched in wherever they had use for me. This time, I was the ‘sound girl’. The director gave me a crash course in sound recording and operating the boom. Well, this is what happens on a low budget production with a small crew –  everybody pitches in and often has to do something out of his or her field of expertise.

In the back corner holding my gear, hoping nobody notices if / when I mess up. Therefore… in deep concentration...

I like helping out on film sets because, a: I LOVE film and the whole process, b: I’m helping out some friends, and c: I’m learning something new! A filmmaker friend of mine took some acting lessons so he could understand the actors’ process more and be a better director. So, why not, as an actor, take on the role of various crew members’ duties and get a better understanding of THEIR job? It certainly helps me appreciate their efforts and challenges.  I think it also helps me be a better prepared and mindful actor on the set. Yay, let’s hear it for making each other’s jobs a little easier!

Scribbling away in the back – this time as a script supervisor, which I have worked as on two different short films now. It’s a tough job, wow! (No snark here!)

In the last 3 or so years, I’ve also helped out as a P/A, on-set photographer, behind-the-scenes videographer, location scout, casting director, wardrobe girl and even make-up artist (simple stuff, not FX – I wish!). Each job has its own unique difficulties and rewards for sure, and I wholly respect the people who are truly dedicated and skilled in their profession. Nothing more fascinating than watching a FX/MUA transform an actor into a completely different character or creature. So cool!

Getting some shade on a ‘hot’ set, holding a reflector shield

Of course, my main focus is still acting and I’ll always give those gigs priority! That’s my main passion, plain and simple.

Like I said, I love film and I’d rather be on a set doing something than sitting around and complaining that I don’t get out enough. ;)

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