‘Feeling like a celebrity’ aka ‘My first online interview’ Oh, the giddiness!

(is that even a word?)

A few weeks ago, I was asked by Christian Sellers of supercool Dr. Gore’s Funhouse to do an interview for their website. Um, can I say hells yeah?!? Of course I’ll do it – it’s an honor! It’s also my first online Q/A! Exciting times for THIS geek here, woOt!

So, without further ado, here’s a sample:

Q: Your most recently announced project is The Immortal Edward Lumley, in which you have been cast as the Stitch Witch. What can you reveal regarding this?

A: Oh, I’m really excited about this one! It’s the first feature film for Metro City Films. They made this really awesome short previously, Android 413, which will be screenened at SDCC’s Film Festival next Saturday, actually. Anyway, The Immortal Edward Lumley is a film somewhere between Alice in Wonderland and Time Bandits. The Stitch Witch is scary and intimidating, but actually a very good witch; and she’s 874 years old. Oh, and she’s German, which means I get to use my mother tongue in this role. I can’t wait to get started!

Q: How would you compare working in film to theatre and which do you find the most fulfilling?

A: I like acting in film a little more because I have terrible stage fright, believe it or not! On camera, you have to be much more subtle than onstage, because you’re not projecting to a live audience and I somehow prefer that. The camera gives you the opportunity to be more intimate. It’s a different kind of animal. My training is also much stronger on the film acting side than theatre. I highly respect both, film and stage, because they each have their unique set of challenges. In a way, working in either venue is a big rush. Another reason I prefer film, though, is the fact that there are a lot more horror and sci-fi choices offered than in theatre.

Q: What is your involvement with the 48Hr Film Festival and how do you hope this will affect your career?

A: I’m on a team as an actress and whatever crew is needed. Everybody pitches in. It’s a crazy ride and you never now how good or bad the end result will be. Most of the people on the team are cast or crew I’ve met on other projects, so we know each other and our strengths and how to best utilise each team member. I don’t really have any career aspirations with this, just looking forward to no sleep and frantic people. I really need to get my head examined! Kidding aside, I love the creative process, just going out there to film something. Beats sitting around at home!

To see the rest of the Q/A, please click here. Thanks for checking in and always thank you for your support!

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