Feast or Famine

Ask any actor about ‘Feast or Famine’ and you’ll get an emphatic groan and eye-roll!

As actors we’re always looking for the next gig – even when we already have something lined up – because we want to avoid that dreaded stretch of ‘famine’ that can hit you like a brick and linger for weeks. Work begets work…you don’t want that momentum to stop!
So, I’m happy to report I’m in the middle of a FEAST at the moment, and I’m enjoying every minute of it! Who knows how long it will last, right?

Pre-production for ‘Vincent‘ is about to turn into full-on production. Last night’s meeting went well and we have a solid team together. I’ll post a more detailed blog on that later.

Last Sunday, I got to play a really fun character in a comedy short, written and directed by Christine Agresti. The film is about a reporter who interviews several fans of David Garrett, a hot, young violinist who is really well known in Germany. Christine (who is also German) and I did a lot of improv while shooting the segment, in which she interviews my character ‘Becky Becker’. Oh yeah, Becky is off her rocker! Bat-shit crazy! She’s one of those fans that live in their own little world…and in major denial. I LOVE doing improv and it was such a blast to work with Christine; and I really let my retard-flag fly! (Yeah, I said it, ‘retard’ – I’m so politically incorrect…oooohhhh, spank me!)
The interview segments with the other ‘interviewees’ haven’t been shot yet, but I can’t wait to see the final cut. Tim Clifton worked the camera and kept his cool and patience while we broke into our giggle fits. I’ll post some video here once I get the go-ahead.

After I got home from the shoot on Sunday, I received an email notifying me about an audition for the next day, Monday, yay! So, I went to the audition, ran into my actor bff Mike Burnell in the waiting room, chatted quickly to confirm our dinner meeting with Mark Allen on Wednesday and then drove back home to go over some more stuff for ‘Vincent’. Oh, that dinner meeting? It’s about ‘Man Alone‘, a big, fat, awesome feature-length horror movie in pre-production, which I already mentioned in my previous blog.

Oh, and then, late last night, I got a twitter message, offering me to audition for a short film (I think it’s a ZOMBiE flick!!!) on the 12th of March. Aaaarrgh! I messaged back that I would LOVE to, but I have the ‘Vincent’ shoot that weekend. I sent my headshot, resume and demo-reel link anyway. Just in case.

Like I said: FEAST or FAMINE!

Always looking for that next gig.

I’m starting to see how that ‘hoarding’ mentality gets started. Hmmm….

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