I’m back!

Wow, I just remembered I have a blog here that I’ve completely neglected! Well, that might be about to change…

I’ve been trying to figure out how to best use it, what to write about etc, but that question kinda answered itself in the last couple of weeks. I landed a few roles in several small projects (short films), a sizable role in a full length feature film and I’m part cast and crew on another short film (“Vincent“, directed by Nicolas Simonin) that’s scheduled to film in about two weeks. Since my last post I’ve also had my first art exhibition; and I started tutoring German. Yeah. Been a busy girl ;)

I figured the most interesting stuff might come during the shoot of the film projects and I’m seriously debating if I want to just make this my actor blog from now on. I’ve blogged a little (just small updates) on my myspace profile, which I set up specifically for the purpose of letting agents, casting directors and filmmakers know about my current projects. It seems navigating myspace is really cumbersome with all the ads and such and most people have abandoned that social network and hang around facebook or twitter. I don’t feel like creating a facebook ‘fan’ page just yet…(it IS an option though…just need a few fans first, lol!)…and I want to give this blog here a shot first.

What do you think? It might be fun to post a pic or link here and there (with the director’s blessing of course) and keep some kind of a production diary.

In the meantime (plus as a test) this is a pic of some of the crew for the short film “Vincent” scouting out a location.

I believe if you click on it, you get a bigger version. Let me know if you don’t. Oh, and you can see a bit more about the project here.

Ok, then, stay tuned and have a great weekend!



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