“12 of 12” for June 2010

Hey gang, I can’t believe it’s time for this month’s 12 of 12 already! This time it fell on a Saturday and it was a busy one, so it should make for a more interesting photo essay, I hope :)

This is all Chad Darnell’s idea. If you want to learn more about 12 of 12 (taking 12 pics on the 12th day of the month), please go to http://chaddarnell.typepad.com/

You can click on the pics for larger versions.

Ok, let’s start…

First things first: my morning green tea

I spent the next  hour or so preparing for an audition and forgot to take pics. Mainly I was going over my monologues again and just preparing actor-wise, getting in the right mindset. Hurray! I have an audition to go to!

I don’t know about you ladies out there, but I’m NOT one to drive with high heels. I can’t stand it. I always have a pair of lightweight ‘Sketchers’ shoes in the car. I have to really FEEL the pedals in my car to feel the road. Call it weird, but that’s just how it is. So, my ‘real’ shoes wait in the backseat until I arrive at my destination.

Next up, the audition. I can’t believe I remembered to take a pic here, lol! Next in line. Nobody else in front of me. *Gulp* Time to kick ass!

Afterwards, I had just enough time to get home, do a serious clothes change and join my GVA peers (Goth Volunteer Alliance) at a small garden area in Old-Town San Diego to weed out plants and improve it overall. This is in conjunction with the local chapter of the California Native Plant Society. They help us help them. The GVA exists to show people that goths are not what the media often makes them out to be (dark and creepy and menacing, whatev). The founder of GVA started it all after he, his wife and 2 other goth friends were brutally attacked in a hate crime; and he needed reconstructive surgery. Here we are at work in the sun (oh yes, in the sun, hehe!)

I planted 3 native plants today yay! (Just don’t ask me what their names were). This is the first one of the three:

Then back home, time for a little nap with my trusty guardian.

That only lasted about 10 minutes.

I had to get groceries and found this great deal at Henry’s. A 10lb bag of potatoes for 89 cents!!! Score!

I didn’t buy tomatoes this time, because I’m about to have some in my own backyard. They’re getting there….

My hubby is watching the 24 hr Le Mans and I stop by the tv every once in a while just to bug him ;)

The laundry is not gonna do itself, unfortunately. And it’s my turn to take care of it today. Hubby has to do the dishes.

I finally sit down to relax (yes this is Facebook on my screen, haha) and catch up with what’s going on…

when suddenly my room starts to shake for about 5 seconds….Sigh. Another earthquake. This is one of the things that come with living in California! It’s been really busy this year and I think we’re in for much more… I’m fascinated by earthquakes, even though the big “Easter Quake” at the Mexico border (a 7.3!) scared the crap out of me. I immediately check the USGS website (http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/recenteqscanv/) to check where the epicenter was and what the magnitute and depth were. After waiting for the site to refresh…there it is:

Some reports call it a 4.8 and some 4.9. I’m not sure if it was an aftershock to the Easter Quake, but IMHO I think it’s too far north for that. Looks like a separate little quake on a different fault line. But I’m no expert ;p

So, there you have it – a rockin’ end to a rockin’ day!

Hope you enjoyed this 12 of 12  – have a great month and see you next time!!!

3 thoughts on ““12 of 12” for June 2010

  1. I felt an earthquake of about 4.0 in Italy once… I thought someone was jumping up and down on the sprung floor behind me lol, and turned round to give them the stink eye. But everyone was sitting down – and saying “terramoto”. Had no idea what it was, but was starting to guess, so texted it to an Italian friend who confirmed – earthquake. The epicentre was just outside Rome, about 2 hours west from me.

    Hope the audition went well, and I like the idea of the GVA (though not the reason for the cause).

    (I was horrendously late putting my 12 of 12 up, but they are now. I held off on commenting so that people knew when I left a comment, my own was up – the only way I could think of to let people know when I posted! http://dogearedphotos.blogspot.com/2010/06/12-of-12-v50-june.html)

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